Big Splash (flash fiction)


Big Splash


Esther took pride in her swimming. She could move through the water like a torpedo. She reckoned no one was faster than her as she swam through the warm waters building up speed.

Her long dark hair trailed behind her as she sped upwards. She broke through the surface leaping into the air and then diving back under with a big splash.  As she plummeted downwards she turned around again and built up speed once more.

Breaking through the surface a second time her silver fish tail gleamed in the sunlight before she disappeared under the water again.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt big splash provided by the Carrot Ranch June 4 Flash Fiction Challenge.


Dang it was hard to find an image with the only the front half of the swimmer visible…


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CCC#30:The New Tractor (flash fiction)


The New Tractor


It was time for sowing the crops. Rather than borrow a tractor, Jess decided it was time to invest in one for the farm. So one morning as Cindy looked out from the veranda a new tractor suddenly appeared with Jess at the wheel. She noticed the main headlights looked like angry eyes. They stared at her. Cindy felt a chill go through her. Jess climbed out of the tractor smiling.

“What do you think babe?” she asked Cindy.

“It looks unfriendly.” Cindy replied not taking her eyes from it. “I don’t like how it looks at me.”

“It’s a tractor! It’s not alive.” Jess explained. “Look if you don’t like the way it looks at you, we’ll swap it for another. I can’t have my girl being unhappy.”

Jess walked over and gave her a warm hug. Cindy looked at the tractor again. It now stared at her evilly.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 150


This was written with the picture prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #30 (wow that’s some alliteration). I originally wrote over 200 words, so I had to chop out quite a lot.


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I Really Wish You Were Here, Instead Of Me – Terrible Poetry Contest


I Really Wish You Were Here, Instead Of Me


Here I am just soaking in the brine

I really wish I was having a good time

It would be really nice if someone else was here

If only I had won a totally different tier


I am at this wonderful summer resort

All because one day I bought a torte

The prize was a holiday in the midst of winter

All I’m hoping is this isn’t going to make me bitter


I better go as I’m running out of space

I long to soon be back in an aeroplane’s carapace

By the time I get home I’ll be full of joy

but for now I should let go of this freezing buoy


Joanne Fisher


This was written for Chelsea Owen’s Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest #28. This weeks was we had to write a holiday poem that was sent on a postcard to a loved one. Obviously the “poet” here had reasonably small writing.


And for some shit icing on the cake here is another one I wrote which I never got round to posting. It was a poem about an engineering fail:




This entire project was always quite cursed

There’s a crack in the dam it’s gonna burst!

As engineers go, I’m definitely the worst

They may as well have hired Fred Durst


So I’m off with my suitcase full of money

Off to the fabled land of milk and honey

In a way you could say it’s almost funny

Now I’m off to a place that’s quiet and sunny.


Joanne Fisher


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Moody (flash fiction)




Some thought she was a total bitch, while others knew her nature was rather mercurial so they understood she was hard to handle, sometimes.

Her closest friends would leave her alone when she was in one of her moods.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 38 + prompt


This was written with the prompt mercurial provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #108.


I’m not sure how much writing I can do at the moment as I put my back out a couple of days ago and I’m in a lot of pain, so I’m finding it rather difficult to concentrate.



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My Life In Darkness, part 17 (fiction)



previous episode


My Life In Darkness


17. Nicola


“You’re still looking as pale as you were on Friday. I hope you’re not sick with something.” Helen said to me as I joined her behind the counter.

“I got a lot of sleep over the weekend, but I’m still rather tired.” I said. “I’m not ill though.”

“You seem to have collected a few bruises as well since I last saw you. What were you up to?” She asked as she looked me up and down.

“On Friday night when I got home I was so out of it I tripped on the stairs.” I lied.

“That’s terrible. Was any damage done?” she asked concerned.

“No, it’s just bruises really.”

I could see that a few boxes had been dropped off by the couriers, so I offered to unpack them and get the new books ready for the shelves, anything to stop the conversation. I didn’t like having to lie to her and I wondered if this was something that would be happening regularly from now on. Doing something relatively menial let me think about the last couple of days and everything that had happened.

I still found it hard to believe I was dating a vampire. So much had changed since I left work on Friday. The world was a much different place now, but in the reality of everyday life and working in this bookstore where the only vampires to be found where in the horror section it seemed unbelievable. But vampires did exist and I had the bite marks to prove it, and a vampire girlfriend who drove me to work this morning. I was feeling a weird mix of emotions, and I couldn’t tell anyone about it. What if it all went wrong? Having a vampire ex wouldn’t be great. What if I didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore? Would she let me leave? Would she mind control me into staying in it? What if I end up bleeding to death because she couldn’t control her hunger one night? I felt anxiety welling up in me, and to think about something else my thoughts drifted to my ex…

I met Nicola in college. She was very beautiful with shoulder length slightly wavy brown hair and hazel eyes.  It took me ages to muster up the courage to ask her out and I wasn’t even sure if she liked other girls, but when she said yes it was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt. I believed I was invincible; like I could do anything I put my mind to. I remember all that day when she said yes I wandered around the campus grinning like an idiot. Everyone kept asking me why I was smiling all the time. We started dating and fell even more in love with one another; at least that’s how it seemed. Pretty soon it began to get serious. After that year of college ended we both left the dorms and moved into an apartment. We seemed to settle into a life together, it wasn’t perfect, but I was happy and I thought she was too. I don’t know what happened and it’s still puzzling me.

We had been together for about two years when Nicola came home one night, walked straight into the living room where I was watching television, and announced she didn’t love me anymore and was moving out. It totally came out of nowhere. I searched my mind of any sign of this coming, but I couldn’t recall anything. I tried reasoning with her, arguing, even getting down on my knees and saying I would change; whatever I had done, or not done, I would make it all better. I would be a better person. No matter what I tried I found her unresponsive. She had become a completely different person, so cold, so unwilling to even listen to me now. She wouldn’t even look at me. The only explanation I got was a vague comment along the lines of maybe people once you get to know them aren’t what they seem. She refused to elaborate on it, and that was all I got. Within two days she was gone, along with all of her things, and I sat on the couch alone crying my heart out. I never got another word from her. There was no explanation or anything. I was left alone in the dark trying to figure out what happened. It was like trying to do a jigsaw puzzle with no picture to guide you and finding there were not enough pieces to give you a complete picture anyway. I struggled on after that. It took me a long time before I could begin to believe in myself again.

After another couple of years of unsuccessfully dating a few other women and not being able to find a job that was capable of both paying my rent and all my living expenses, I admitted defeat and retreated back to Lawrence. My dad was here willing to pick up all my broken pieces and I had a job I could go back to at the bookstore where I used to work during the holidays. It was also nice not worrying I might suddenly bump into Nicola again, or hear other people I knew talking about her, which still caused a lot of pain. Then my dad suddenly died and the peaceful rebuilding of my life was in ruins again. In the space of a few years I had lost my lover, and both my parents. I felt like my adult life was only just starting, yet already falling apart. What else did life have in store for me? I became quite fearful and scared of whatever the future could bring.

“Excuse me young miss, would I perchance be able to take you out for lunch?” a voice said.

I looked up and there was Tony grinning like an idiot. I smiled. Looking at the clock I saw it was now midday.

“That would be most agreeable kind sir!” I said as I extended out my right hand to him. He took my hand and then led me out of the shop. “I’ll be back soon!” I called out to Helen as I walked out the door. We walked down to a burger bar that was a couple of blocks away.


Next episode: Lunch With Tony


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CCC#29: Vigil (flash fiction)




I fear the night and whatever lurks in that darkness. For it is at night they come to feed on human flesh. I am safe in here. When it is dark the doors are barred, and the windows too high for them. During the day I forage for food and supplies. I don’t know if anyone else is left. I seem to look through the remains of our civilisation by myself with no one else in sight.

Then at night they come. I hear their long fingernails scraping against the doors incessantly through the long hours, while my remaining candles burn down low casting frightful shadows in this old stone church.

Sometimes I think about opening the doors and letting them put me out of my long suffering misery. A sweet release from this ongoing horrific existence. But for now I’ll keep on fighting, even against myself.


Joanne Fisher


word count: 147


This was written using the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #29.


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Different Tastes (flash fiction)


Different Tastes


“Ugh! Why do you keep eating strawberries and mint together? I think it’s a disgusting combo!” exclaimed Linda.

“Says the girl who slathers mustard over EVERYTHING! What did I catch you eating the other day? A sandwich with fish fingers, tartare sauce, pickled onions and MUSTARD! It’s like I don’t even know you sometimes!” Rose answered.

“I like mustard. it gives a nice zing to everything.” Linda said defensively.

“Some days I wonder why I married yer.”

“Obviously for my stunning good looks and exquisite taste!” Linda replied beaming a smile at Rose.

They both broke out into laughter.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt strawberries and mint provided by the Carrot Ranch May 30 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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