In the Restaurant (flash fiction)


In the Restaurant


We met at the All You Can Eat Buffet.

“I’m so hungry.” he told me.

I sat there watching as he ate plate after plate after plate of piled-up food. He seemed unable to sate his hunger, like a black hole devouring light.

“This food is so good!”

When new customers came into the restaurant, they wondered where all the food was.

“He’s eating it all!” said the woman behind the counter, pointing at him.

After hours of continuous eating, he finally sat back in contentment and patted his full belly.

“Best ten bucks I’ve ever spent!” he said.


Joanne Fisher


This was written for the Carrot Ranch Rodeo #1: Modern Tall Tale.


I’m a bit sick at the moment, so it was nice to have the final Rodeo entry to post, as it saved some effort. I spent most of yesterday in bed and today I’m up, but not really feeling much better. Unfortunately when you’re single and you get sick, you still have to get up and make yourself meals and drinks…



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©2019 Joanne Fisher




Jack and the Beanstalks (flash fiction)




Jack and the Beanstalks, draft


Jack went to market to sell the family’s cow. On the way there he met an old witch. The witch smiled at him.

“Young man, yer going ta market ta sell yer cow?” She asked

“Yes ma’am.” He replied.

“Hows about I purchase yer cow with these here magic beans?” She reached into her pocket and produced a handful of beans.

Jack took the beans and went home. Despite his mother’s anger he planted them, but nothing happened. A week later they began to sprout, and over time they grew into bean plants.

“Them beans weren’t magical.” muttered Jack.


Jack and the Beanstalks, revision one


Jack went to sell the family’s cow. On the way he met a witch.

“Young man, yer selling yer cow?” She asked


“Hows about I purchase yer cow with magic beans?” She produced some beans.

Jack planted the beans, but nothing happened. Later on they began to sprout and grow into plants.

“Them beans weren’t magical.” muttered Jack.


Jack and the Beanstalks, revision two


Jack came home with magic beans that weren’t magical.



Jack and the Beanstalks, final version


“You were a fool Jack to sell our cow to that witch.” Jack’s mother said.

“But she said the beans were magical.” Jack insisted.

“You were to sell our cow so we could buy food, and you came home with a few beans.”

Despite his mothers anger, he planted the beans and waited. Nothing happened. Then a week later they began to sprout. Over the next few weeks they grew into bean plants.

“Them beans weren’t magical.” Jack muttered.

Once they were harvested though, they had more than enough beans to eat and trade for other food they needed.


Joanne Fisher



I wrote this for the Carrot Ranch TUFF Contest. You had to write a 99 word draft, then a 59 word revision, then a nine word revision, and lastly a 99 word final version. It was meant to show the drafting process and rewriting till you get the best final version.


I changed the title from what I submitted, but everything else is the same. This is one I wouldn’t mind having a go at writing a slightly longer version someday that incorporates elements from the first and last version.



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The Greatest Treasure (flash fiction)

Photo by Łukasz Małkiewicz

The Greatest Treasure


Bronwyn grew up in the forest. One day a tree spirit gave her a vision: “Over the hills is this palace, and inside is the greatest treasure.”

She wasn’t one for riches, but unable to shake the vision from her mind, she packed up all her things and left the forest. She journeyed over the hills, until one day she saw the palace.

Inside there was a room with a woman sleeping there, the same age as her. Bronwyn touched her hand. The woman awoke. “I’ve been waiting for you.” She said. For the first time, Bronwyn felt love.


Joanne Fisher



I wrote this for the Carrot Ranch Rodeo Three Act Story Competition. I’m hoping choosing to write on a same-sex relationship theme wasn’t seen as trying to be sensational by the judges. It’s usually what I write about, and I’m certainly not going to change that for competitions.


I have thought about expanding this story, but I’ll leave that for another time.



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Pirates! (flash fiction)




“Well, we’ve safely sailed the Bodacious through the Nose Bender, a labyrinth of reefs. Any sign of pursuit?” the Captain asked. The First Mate looked through a spyglass in the darkness behind them.

“It’s no good Captain! Heartbreak Kid is still following us.”

“Shiver me timbers! We may just have to fight.” The Captain replied. “We’ll have to arrange a boarding party.”

“Pieces of eight!” said the parrot on his shoulder.

They suddenly froze.

“And my question to you is: in that film clip, what colour hat was the First Mate wearing?” The game show host asked the contestants.


Joanne Fisher


This was a finalist in the Carrot Ranch Rodeo Mashup Contest. The objective was to combine pirates and game show tropes and include the names Bodacious, Nose Bender, and Heartbreak Kid.



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©2019 Joanne Fisher