Display (flash fiction)



“So what do you think is going on here?”

“Well as you can see someone’s been brutally murdered and had their skin and flesh stripped off, and now it’s being investigated.”

“And they just left the body there for everyone to see?”


“You don’t think it’s a just a shop window display?”

“No it’s the site of a gruesome murder!”

“Well I’m not convinced. I’m just wondering what they’re trying to sell. Chaise longues? Union flags? Skeletons?”

“Or murders maybe?”

“Well okay, but maybe they’re just trying to be confusing or daring so you’ll walk in there to check the place out.”

“So they can then murder you and strip off your skin and leave you as a window display?”

“Perhaps, but the odds of that happening are fairly remote I suspect. Shall we go in and have a look?”

“Okay, but you go in first.”


Joanne Fisher

Word count: 148

This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #104.

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©2020 Joanne Fisher