Valentine’s Day (flash fiction)



Valentine’s Day


“God I so hate Valentine’s Day!” Marcie said as she looked out the window of the diner. She saw people wandering around with flowers or buying chocolates from the store across the road. She sneered at them.

“What’s your problem with it?” asked Jacky as she took another sip of coffee. Marcie looked over at her and gave her a dark look, as though she was an idiot for even asking the question.

“It’s all just a marketing gimmick to sell more chocolates, flowers, and greeting cards. And every year all these lovesick idiots seem to fall for it.” Marcie explained looking out the window again with loathing in her eyes.

“Don’t you think you’re just being a bit cynical? I mean all those people out there are happy buying all those things for other people that are special in their lives. So what if it is commercialised, at least it’s bringing happiness and joy to some people.” Jacky countered. Marcie just shook her head.

“And what about all us poor saps who don’t ever get anything? All it does is make us feel unloved and unimportant, like we’re missing out on something.” Marcie said bitterly.

“Well maybe if you were a bit nicer, people might want to give you things.” Jacky told her.

“I’m sure I could be the nicest version of myself and still not receive anything.” Marcie stated as she fished out a cigarette from the creased box in her jacket pocket and then lit it.

“I don’t think you’re allowed to smoke in here.”  Jacky informed her. Marcie rolled her eyes as she blew out smoke across the table.

“What do I care?”

A waitress came over to their table.

“Do you girls want anything else?” She asked them. They both shook their heads. “And there’s no smoking here.” She looked at Marcie expectantly.

“So sorry.” Marcie said as she dropped the cigarette into her half-empty coffee mug. The waitress began clearing the table and then walked off,

“By the way Marcie, I got you something.” Jacky said as she brought out a box of chocolates from her bag. Marcie just glared at her. Jacky frowned. “I thought you would be happy that I got you something.”

“But the fact I’ve never got anything for Valentine’s Day meant I could be self-righteous in my hatred for it. But now you’ve given me something for it you’ve robbed me of that. I’m now just as tainted as everyone else.” She said as she resumed looking out the window with a look of resentment. Jacky sat there pouting.

“There’s no pleasing some people huh?”


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt coffee provided by The Dragonspire.


Valentine’s day always seems to put me in a weird funk. Like Marcie I’ve never received anything for it and a part of me feels oddly bitter about it. I spent a lot of the day feeling sad and even though I know it’s just an overly commercialised thing I still feel like I’m being left out as other people I know are doing fun stuff together. Writing the above story was a good way to channel my thoughts about it. Though if one day someone did give me something for Valentine’s Day my reaction would be much nicer than Marcie’s.

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