Tolkien’s Illustrations (article)

Not only was J.R.R. Tolkien a writer, but he could also draw. In fact it was a calendar of Tolkien’s drawings from The Hobbit that introduced me to his world of Middle-earth when I was six years old. So as I’m not really in the mood for writing at the moment, here are some of my favourite drawings of his.

Also, I’ve added two further index pages to my blog so people can now easily access my Star Wars and Middle-earth related posts.

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Artist Wanted




I’m thinking of turning Aalen’s Saga into a small e-book. There may be some rewriting involved.

What I would like is an artist who could provide some art to go with it – I was thinking black and white line drawings. The main characters are a female elf, her wolf, and a female human.

There will be little money in this venture, as I have no money, but we could possibly come to an arrangement about sharing any profits made from this project, should there be any.

If any of this interests you feel free to contact me and we can discuss this further.



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The Fantasy Art of Bob Kehl

And now for something completely different….

I recently stumbled across Bob Kehl’s fantasy art on a Twitter post when someone posted three of his pictures featuring female pirates. I was intrigued and looked for more of his work. So I thought I would show here a selection from what I found.

Websites you can view more his art are his website and his DeviantArt site.

Black Heart Bela

Pirate Haven Tortuga

Assassins On The Roof

Pyrate Blade Master

The Navigator

The Pirate Chronicler

Water Sorceress

Spirit of the Sea Witch cover

Cutthroat Kaari Kalou


Anyway I hoped you liked seeing these.


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