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I’m thinking of turning Aalen’s Saga into a small e-book. There may be some rewriting involved.

What I would like is an artist who could provide some art to go with it – I was thinking black and white line drawings. The main characters are a female elf, her wolf, and a female human.

There will be little money in this venture, as I have no money, but we could possibly come to an arrangement about sharing any profits made from this project, should there be any.

If any of this interests you feel free to contact me and we can discuss this further.



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The Vision (flash fiction)


The Vision


The crystal had shown terrible things. The Elder came out her dwelling. She clapped her hands and the entire village looked up at her.

“Humans are coming with axes to destroy our forest. We must protect it! All remaining archers need to go to our northern border. Falnek, take the children to the sacred Bloodwood.” There was sudden activity in the village. “Aalen, when the humans are defeated come back to us.” Aalen nodded and left with her wolf bounding in front of her.

The Elder looked over the village and her people. The crystal had shown terrible things.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 99


This is a prequel to Aalen’s Saga.


This was written with the prompt to write a story to show what it is to protect nature around us provided by the Carrot Ranch July 23 Flash Fiction Challenge.



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Exodus (flash fiction)





The group trekked through the howling blizzard making for the hinterland, somewhere hopefully beyond the reach of the Ice Witch’s power. Ever since she had returned to her tower and taken control of the land from her eldritch obsidian throne, their world had become frozen.

Over the noise of the blizzard they could hear howling. The Queen’s shadow wolves were on their trail. Their only hope was to get beyond the land under the Queen’s control, but all they could see before them was boundless snow and ice.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 87 + prompt


This was written with the prompt hinterland provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #166.


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The Battle (flash fiction)


The Battle


“Vampires? Why does it have to be vampires?” the warrior asked as he looked at the horde in front of him. He turned to look at his own troops, too small in number to take them on or even be much use in defence. Where were their powerful leaders? How come they hadn’t turned up yet? Without them, they had little chance in winning. Overhead flew more of their enemies. “Vampires and dragons? What unholy alliance have they formed?”

“It’s their wizard. He summoned them and now they’re attacking our wizard and draining her lifeforce. If only we had some flying defenders to stop them. Our wizard is in trouble. We need to defend her.” the elven soldier by his side replied.

“Surely she must have some spell to stop them?”

“I think she’s holding out for our legendary heroes to come save the day. I fear it’s going to be up to us to bear the brunt of it.” the elf admitted. The warrior let out a sigh. He gripped his sword and waited for the vampire horde to advance. It was going to be a bad day…

As the vampire horde advanced, they swept away all that lay in front of them leaving their enemy wizard finally exposed. The vampires quickly destroyed her. The battle was lost.




“Rats! My deck failed to work this time.” she said as she picked up all her cards and shuffled them. Her opponent laughed.

“Elves and their puny allies are no match for my dragons and vampires!’ he said. “You want another game?”

“Sure. We’ll make it best of three.” She offered as she put her deck down on the table and drew another seven cards. This time she hoped it would work better.


Joanne Fisher


I guess I’m missing playing Magic the Gathering…



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Escaping the Keep (flash fiction)


Escaping the Keep


In the confusion following The Baron’s sudden death, Aalen managed to free herself from the soldiers who had captured her. She swiftly recovered her bow, and stepped back a few paces while quickly nocking arrows and shooting the soldiers before her at point blank range. With soldiers starting to fall, Ashalla freed herself and drew her broadsword. They both managed to clear a path through their opposition and ran down down the hall with the remaining soldiers chasing them.

“Hopefully most of the guards were up here waiting to capture us,” Aalen stated as they quickly went down the winding stair.

Running back down they only met minimal resistance, but knew the remaining soldiers from above were still giving chase to them. When they deemed they were far enough below, they went out a window and, with series of jumps, managed to get free of the keep. As they ran away they suddenly heard a voice behind them.

“Stop or I will shoot one of you!” They both turned to see a soldier in a red cloak with a crossbow in his hand aimed directly at Aalen. Aalen briefly stopped, but saw a dark shadow racing towards them out of the corner of her eye. Vilja leapt up and began to bite down on the soldiers arm.  The soldier screamed and dropped the crossbow. Aalen and Ashalla continued running towards the city wall, with Vilja following.

Once they were over the wall they found some cover and hid there a while. Aalen gave her wolf a long hug. When the sun began to rise, they walked away from the city as stealthily as possible. They walked for a few days, and after not seeing any more patrols of soldiers, they began to feel safer.

“So with The Baron dead, what do you plan to do now?” Ashalla asked. Aalen surveyed the land around them.

“I guess I should go back to my village. The border guards will still be alive. I hope our village can begin again,” Aalen answered.

‘I think I want to explore the rest of the world,” Ashalla commented. Aalen looked at the mountains in the distance. She always wondered what lay beyond them and found herself yearning to explore the world herself, a world she barely knew.

“I’m sure my village can wait. Maybe I can tag along with you for a while? You’ll probably need my help anyway.” Aalen found herself saying. Ashalla smiled and took Aalen in her arms.

“I would like that,” Ashalla replied as they embraced.

The three of them set off in the direction of the mountains.


The End (for now)


Previous episode: The Baron


That’s it for Aalen’s Saga. Maybe I’ll return to her world sometime in the future. If you want to read the entire story, you can now access it from my homepage:



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The Baron (flash fiction)


The Baron


“Come a little closer Aalen.” The Baron said. The guards moved her into the room. Aalen tried to furtively get one of her hands free, hoping the guards wouldn’t notice. Another group of soldiers appeared bringing Ashalla with them. “And now we have Ashalla too.”

“So I guess you’re planning to execute us then?” Ashalla asked belligerently. The Baron laughed.

“You’re both far too valuable to kill. The two of you wiped out the army I sent. You both have a range of skills that are useful to me. I knew you had entered the city and I guessed you were going to come for me at some point, but instead of killing me, have you considered working for me instead?” The Baron asked as he sat at the table still eating his meal. Aalen”s mouth dropped.

“Work for you? You killed my people. You destroyed my home. How could you think I would ever work for you?” She asked. The Baron just shrugged.

“In my experience, everyone has their price. What would yours be Aalen? I’m a rich man and can provide anything you may want.”

“I want my people back.” Aalen replied.

“That I can’t do. What about you Ashalla? What do you want?”

“Your soldiers killed my father and my brothers. All I want is for you to be dead.” Ashalla responded. The Baron looked disappointed.

“Such a shame. My death will not bring them back.” He stated.

“But it will stop you killing others!” She replied defiantly.

“Okay. Obviously you are both still very angry. I think some time in my dungeons might cool you off. Maybe then, you will have a change of heart and be more reasonable.” He motioned with his hands for them to be taken away. Just as he did, Aalen managed to get one of her hands free. She pulled out a concealed knife, and before anyone could stop her, she threw it The Baron. The knife embedded itself in his throat. He gave a surprised look and then his face fell forward onto his dinner plate.


to be continued…


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 346


Previous episode: Finding The Baron


Okay this episode was a bit longer than I intended…. Eventually I will put all the Aalen stories into sequential order and create an index page for them.



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Finding The Baron (flash fiction)




Finding The Baron


Now that Aalen and Ashalla were in The Baron’s Keep they moved quickly up the stairwell as quietly as they could, managing to surprise any sentries they found along the way.

“The Baron will be on one of the top floors.” Aalen said. She decided to take the very top floor, while Ashalla searched the floor below.

Aalen came to a large set of ornate wooden doors. She quietly opened them and saw a man seated at a long wooden table eating his dinner. He was richly dressed and had a thin beard with flecks of grey. Unexpectedly, he looked up at her.

“Ah! Aalen Liadon, I have been expecting you! Let me introduce myself, I am The Baron.” He said smiling at her. All the doors behind Aalen suddenly burst open and she quickly found herself surrounded by soldiers. “Perhaps you will join me for dinner?”


to be continued…


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 147


This is a story thread I never got round to finishing. I think there will be two parts left.


Previous episode: The Keep


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Returning Home (flash fiction)

Obsidian Throne by dasAoD

Returning Home


She had been imprisoned so long it was as if they had forgotten all about her. One day the place was empty and she just walked out. Her eyes burned in the daylight. So weak, so tired, so hungry, she virtually crawled through the wasteland in the direction of home, hoping after all this time it was still there.

Her hopes rose when she saw the familiar tower in the distance. When finally she got there it was barely standing, but her throne room was still intact. She sat down on her obsidian throne and smiled. She would regain her lost power and rule the lands once more, and this time they wouldn’t overthrow her.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 114 + prompt


This was written with the prompt home provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #156.




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©2020 Joanne Fisher

Lost: One Golden Ring. Please Return to Owner (poem)


Lost: One Golden Ring. Please Return to Owner



I’ve lost my wonderful golden ring

I forged it myself in the Fire

you don’t know of the joy it did bring

so wickedly proud of it I was


It looked to be of the plainest gold, but when

put on my finger, the heat revealed

fiery letters I inscribed myself then

that’s how you know it’s truly mine


But one day some heartless brute appeared

and hacked off my ring (along with my finger)

I fell to pieces and he just disappeared

my wonderful golden ring was gone


my attacker was careless and managed

to lose it in the bottom of a river

lying there I hope it wasn’t damaged

but since then it’s been found again


I know my ring is out there somewhere

so I sent some servants to search for it

but it seems they couldn’t locate it anywhere

so for now, I sadly have to go without


if you happen to have my golden ring

please consider returning it to me

having it back would make my heart sing

I feel so incomplete without it



Joanne Fisher


Sometimes it’s fun to write from another perspective…



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©2020 Joanne Fisher


Chasing the Rabbit (flash fiction)


Chasing the Rabbit


Mr Bunny had escaped out of his hutch. Cindy saw him running away and gave chase. He got to the tree with the hole in it and hopped down it. Cindy ran up to the tree and looked down, but couldn’t see him. She leaned too far and found herself falling down it headfirst. She landed in a bush and knew unmistakably she was in Faerie again.

“I think I found another portal.” She mumbled as she looked around. Only a few feet away Babradon was looking quizzically at her.

“You arrived here rather dramatically. You fell out of the sky into that bush.” He informed her.

“I was chasing after my rabbit.” Cindy explained.

“Chasing the white rabbit huh?”

“Well more of a grey one. He’s called Mr Bunny. Have you seen him?” Cindy asked.


“Well he’s got to be somewhere.” Cindy said looking around and wandering off.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 150


This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #76.



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