The Graveyard Shift (flash fiction)

The Graveyard Shift

Nancy enjoyed doing the graveyard shift at the local radio station. It meant she could avoid most of the people that worked there and she could play whatever she wanted. Being a night owl had its advantages.

“Hi this is Graveyard Nancy. I hope you’ve been having a great evening so far. Whoever is still awake send me a message. Let me know your thoughts. Tonight we’re going old school starting with some Led Zeppelin. Here’s When the Levee Breaks.” she said into the microphone. She pressed the key and the music began playing. A short time later messages began appearing on the computer screen in front of her. She scanned them. So far they were just the usual types of comments people sent. Then one caught her attention:

You've got such a nice voice.
I would like to meet you.

Nancy looked at it. There was always at least one of these ones. She was still musing about what to do with it when a new song began playing. Another message appeared:

I'm right outside.
Please let me in.

She got up from her seat and looked out the window to the street below. There may have been a shadowy figure by the door…

Let me in
Or I'll find my own way in

Her heart began racing. She thought she could hear someone below trying to force the door open.

“That was Evidence by Faith No More. And now here’s Joy Division with Atmosphere.” Nancy said. She stood up and opened the studio door. She crept down the hallway until she got to the stairs. She listened intently and then slowly went down them…

A few minutes later she returned to the studio. She sat down again and wiped the blood off her mouth. She liked it when the meals came right to the door.

“That was Iggy Pop with The Passenger. And now here’s Nirvana with Come As You Are. And keep those messages coming!” Maybe another one would come tonight. Her voice always brought them here.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt Graveyard Shift provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain (volume ii).

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

Stuck in the Mud (flash fiction)

Stuck in the Mud

I’m only on this godforsaken planet because I was sent here. Why anyone would actually want to live here escapes me. Frankly it stank, large areas were covered in mud, but not the mud you would find anywhere else.

One time I got stuck in it. It was a metre deep. I hoped someone might find me before I died of hunger or thirst. Luckily a search party rescued me. How many others had also got stuck, but never been found? I was so glad to see the settlement again. Though I saw quite an amazing sunset out there.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt mud provided by the Carrot Ranch October 14 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

Annabel (flash fiction)


The hairbrush had belonged to Annabel. Every time Kay saw it, she was reminded of Annabel, and how every morning Annabel would stand in front of the mirror and brush her long brown hair.

One evening Kay received a call that Annabel had been involved in a car accident. Annabel’s things were left lying around the house as she grieved. Then one day she packed it all up, though she left the brush as a reminder of watching Annabel every morning getting ready to face the world.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 87

This was written with the prompt brush provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #230.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

The Whisperer (flash fiction)

The Whisperer

I lay in the dark trying to sleep, when I heard a hissing. I looked to my left and thought I could faintly see two pale points of light, like two eyes watching me. I was completely frozen with fear.

“Hello.” whispered a voice.

“Who’s there?” I asked fearfully.

“Just go to sleep.” the voice whispered again, and the soft hissing began once more and got closer.

I lay there unable to move, as my eyelids got heavier and also now voiceless, knowing I might never wake up again, and there was nothing I could do. Everything went black.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt whispering provided by the Carrot Ranch October 7 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

The Witch’s Anger (flash fiction)

The Witch’s Anger

It was a dare.

My friends dared me to sneak into the witch’s house in the woods and steal something. Being somewhat foolish, I took up their challenge. I hid among some trees near her house. When she went off somewhere, that was when I made my move. I snuck in to her house.

The first thing I saw was all the jars and potions and the cauldron on the hearth. I grabbed a piece of amethyst, the nearest thing to hand, and quickly left, but I didn’t get far. As soon as I crept out of the house, I saw the witch standing there looking at me bemused. I fell to my knees and apologised, but she was unimpressed.

I became immobile. I could still see, but could no longer move or speak. I have no idea what she has turned me into. I hope she forgives me soon…

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 150

This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #151.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

Her Lover Returns (flash fiction)

Her Lover Returns

Her love was across the water. She walked along the beach counting the days until his return. One day word reached her that his ship sunk and was lost beneath the waves. She grieved, wishing for his return.

One night on the beach she saw him: his hair was now seaweed and his skin was a pallid green thinly stretched over his bones, but it was definitely him.

“My love!” he croaked, holding out his arms. She hugged him, but his embrace was so tight she could hardly breathe or break free as he dragged her under the waves.

Joanne Fisher

This story was written with the prompt across the water provided by the Carrot Ranch September 30 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

Vanishing Point (flash fiction)

Vanishing Point

Margot looked out into the garden and saw Jen was gone. She had only been there a few seconds ago doing some gardening, and now all that was left was the gardening fork stuck into the dirt. She went outside and looked around, but couldn’t see her anywhere. Maybe she shouldn’t have let Jen use the vanishing cream she had bought from that strange old woman…

She had appeared on her doorstep one dark and stormy night selling her a number of potions, such as the Hare Restorer. Margot had thought it was a misprint, but sure enough once Rowen, her pet hare, suddenly died she had tried the Restorer on her and Rowen sprung back to life. She had initially bought them all from the woman just to get rid of her, but now she really wanted to see her again, as she had a growing number of questions.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 150

This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #150.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

Checking In (flash fiction)

Checking In

“I’d like a room please.”

“Your luggage is ginormous.”

“It’s my portmanteau. Can someone carry it for me?”

“Sorry this a motel, not a hotel.”

“But it’s really heavy!”

“Chillax! I’ll help.”


“It’s fantabulous by the way.”

“Is there any food here?”

“You can have my soysages.”

“No thanks.”

“You can get some brunch across the road.”

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 58

This was written with the prompt portmanteau provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #228.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

A Sorceress Walks Through the Gate (flash fiction)

A Sorceress Walks Through the Gate

Melissa walked through Cindy’s grandmother’s farm. After Cindy’s grandmother had died, the farm had been abandoned, and it was now all overgrown. Obviously Cindy’s parents weren’t interested at all in the upkeep of it. As Melissa walked down a path, she saw a shimmering in the air in front of her. Curious, she walked through it and found herself somewhere completely different, much to her surprise.

Babradon looked wide-eyed in surprise and quickly hid among some bushes. The Sorceress had just casually walked through the gate and set foot in Faerie! He didn’t have the power to repel her. Not of that magnitude. He shivered in fear. The Queen would know about this.

“Where the hell am I?” Melissa asked the empty air. As she looked around she saw something quivering in the bushes. “You! Who are you?” The figure reluctantly revealed itself. It looked like a little bearded man. “And what are you?”

“My name is Babradon. I’m a gnome.”

“A gnome? Have I gone crazy?”

“No I don’t believe so. You’re in Faerie.” Babradon explained.

“Fairy?” Maybe she was going crazy like Cindy’s grandmother had. Talking to fairies… She surveyed the verdant land around her. The air was fragrant with flowers she had never seen before.

“I’m sorry, but you’re not welcome here.” Babradon said with all the strength he could muster. “Not without the Queen’s leave.”

“Not welcome? Why not?”

“People like you just aren’t.” Melissa looked around. She would love to explore this new place, but obviously she wasn’t wanted, as usual. Was it because she was human? Or a female? Or lesbian? She hated it when places were exclusive, and fairyland it seemed was no different.

“Okay I’ll go then.” she said dejectedly. Babradon breathed a sigh of relief. She walked back through the gate.

Babradon knew he would soon hear the hoofbeats of the Queen’s emissaries, and they would demand to know what had just happened. Another thought occurred to him: that maybe the Sorceress had no idea what she was. Whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, he did not know.

Joanne Fisher

Just something I wrote for fun… This probably takes place a very short time before Jess Waits.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

Jess Waits (flash fiction)

Jess Waits

“So you’ve come back to Lawrence then?” Jess asked as she aimed the cue ball at the number seven.

“Yup. I’m here to stay it seems.” Melissa replied as she watched the number seven ball go straight into the right corner pocket. Jess walked around the table to aim the next shot.

“You seen Cindy lately?” Jess inquired.

“Not for a while. I saw her a lot in my first two years at College, but after that I lost touch with her. I was in a relationship after that and didn’t give her much thought, to be honest.”

“So how did that go?” Jess asked as she hit the number one ball go into the side pocket.

“The relationship? It was good until my partner suddenly broke up with me for no reason after we had been living together for several years. She never said why.” Jess made a face after hearing Melissa’s news.

“That’s too bad.” Jess replied as she hit the number three ball into another corner pocket.

“What about you? Have you heard from Cindy lately?” Melissa asked, wondering if her holding the cue stick was merely for decoration as she watched the number four ball go into another pocket. Jess was on the black now.

“No, we lost touch as well. She went to college and we got more distant as time went on. The last time I saw her was when her grandma died. She came back to Lawrence for the funeral, but then was gone again before I had a chance to see her again.” Jess told her.

“I passed by her Grandmother’s farm a few days ago. It’s all overgrown now.” Melissa commented.

“I know. Cindy’s father still inherited the farm after all he had done. He’s chosen to let it sit there and fall into ruin. Pity, as it’s good land there.” Jess struck the cue ball and the black went into the side pocket. “Loser buys the next round of beers.”

“Yup.” said Melissa as she headed for the bar. “If we play again, could I get at least one shot?” Jess watched Melissa go. She thought Melissa was looking rather hot these days with her long brown hair and tight jeans…

After they finished playing pool, Jess offered to drive Melissa home, but ended up driving Melissa back to her own place instead. There they ended up drinking some more and then fell into one another’s arms and started kissing…

Later in the night Jess woke with Melissa’s arms around her. She carefully got out of bed without waking her. She looked down at her sleeping form. She liked Melissa, but she did not love her, not in the way she loved Cindy. Jess also sensed that Melissa had some dark journey of her own to make that she could not be a part of. Tomorrow morning she would drive Melissa home, and would leave it at that.

Jess looked out a window. Everything was still. After all that had happened, she was still waiting for Cindy. To her, it seemed like everything here was waiting for Cindy to return, including the land itself. All she could do was wait.

Joanne Fisher

This story follows School’s Out, Forever! though is set several years later.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher