The Monster in the Back Room (flash fiction)

Furry Creature Concept by PascalR

The Monster in the Back Room

There was a knock on my door. I opened the door to find Natalie standing there. I didn’t like her very much. She always did her best to belittle me to make feel like I was completely useless and a lost cause. Still, I had invited her to come over.

“Hi Natalie.” I said with as much enthusiasm I could muster.

“Hi Jane.” she said smiling. “I don’t think I’ve ever been to your home before. I didn’t realise it was so small, but I guess it suits you to live somewhere so simple and plain.” I smiled at back at her.

“Come in.” I said warmly. She followed while looking around for any flaw or imperfection she could comment on later. I led her to the living room. We both sat down on chairs facing each other. She looked out the window to the back garden.

“I see you’ve tried to do some gardening. I guess there’s not much you can do with that small space, not like my place where there’s so much room.”

“Yeah I just let it grow.” I admitted. She nodded her head as though I was admitting I was a complete failure.

“I remember you telling me you lived with a monster. So, have you broken up with them yet?” She asked. “Relationships can be so difficult. I’m lucky really, I’ve been happily married for years now.”

“The monster’s not my partner. I live with an actual monster, you know, large and furry with claws and sharp teeth.” I explained. Natalie looked at me like I had gone crazy.

“I see.” She said slowly. “Are you being serious?”


“And is the monster here now?”

“They live in the back room.”

“So you’re not afraid of this monster eating you?” She asked.

“Nah, we have an agreement.” I replied.

“I see.” She said disbelievingly while staring at me in case I made a sudden movement in her direction.

“Coffee?” I asked.

“That would be nice.” She replied with a forced smile.

I went to the kitchen to grind some coffee, while there, I suddenly heard screaming come from the living room. As long as I brought the monster something to eat occasionally then we were cool and they let me live here. It was the monster’s house after all…

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt grind provided by Greg’s Five Word Weekly Challenge (2305).

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