The Detective (flash fiction)

The Detective

Raewyn was about to close the shop. It was dark outside and it had been a slow day with few customers. A man suddenly walked through the door and flashed her some identification.

“Hi ma’am, I’m Detective Jones. We’re checking the area as one of the world’s most notorious serial killers has escaped from a prison nearby. We need everyone to keep an eye out for anyone acting suspiciously, as the killer will be dangerous.” He told her. Raewyn put her hand up to her mouth in shock.

“That’s terrible. What do they look like?”

“He has short brown hair, is of medium height, and prefers to wear suits.”

“So he sort of looks like you.” she replied. The Detective smiled.

“I guess so ma’am.”

“Does he have a name?” Raewyn asked.

“He’s known as The Detective.”

“The Detective?”

“Yes. He likes to impersonate police detectives to put his victims at ease. Then he kills them horribly.” he replied. Raewyn went pale and slowly backed away from him. He smiled at her as he began to remove something from his coat pocket…

Joanne Fisher

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

The Dark Path (flash fiction)

The Dark Path

She walked through the forest carrying her basket. Behind her she heard footsteps, so she hid amongst the trees as they got louder. On the path she saw a tall man carrying an axe. She stayed hidden waiting for him to pass by. Unexpectedly he stopped from just where she was watching. He turned in her direction.

“I saw you ahead of me. Don’t be afraid, I’m not here to harm you. There is a wolf in the forest.” the man said. Against her better judgement she walked back onto the path, and faced him.

“I have heard of the wolf,” she told him. “But I was told if I stayed to the path I should be fine.”

“I’m not sure the wolf knows those rules.” the man said. “What’s a young girl doing walking through the forest after dark?”

“I’m visiting my grandmother. She’s poorly at the moment, so I’m taking her some food.”

“What a good young granddaughter. Do you mind if I join you? At least I can offer some protection if the wolf picks up our scent.” the man offered. “My name is Johan by the way. I’m a woodcutter.”

“They call me Red.” the girl said.

“Is that why you wear a red cloak?” Johan asked.

“I like the colour red.”

The two of them walked down the path. Above the trees the sky was covered in bright stars as the moon hadn’t risen yet. They mostly walked in silence. The forest seemed unusually quiet around them.

“Why does your grandmother live out in forest?” Johan queried. Red shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know really. She just likes it out here. She’s lived in her little cottage for years.” Red answered.

“Has she ever had any trouble with wolves?”

“No. She doesn’t venture out much and never at nighttime. At least not anymore.” Red replied. In the distance they could see a little cottage with light in the window. The moon began to rise.

“Well it seems we’ve arrived with no sign of the wolf.” Johan said as they walked up to the cottage. Red suddenly stopped and faced him.

“There was no trouble, because I am the wolf.” she said as she began to transform. The woodcutter screamed.

Joanne Fisher

This is either my fifth or sixth version of the Red Riding Hood story…

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

Just in Time! (flash fiction)

Just in Time!

Jeremy’s car had broken down, so he walked to the creepy castle in the middle of a thunder storm for assistance. When he knocked on the door, it was answered by a creepy-looking old man who led him straight to his Master. While Jeremy explained to the Master about his car, everything suddenly went black and he collapsed onto the floor.

“That was fortunate. Talk about right place, right time!” the Master said as he looked down on his creation, now with Jeremy’s stretched face added. “Now Igor, let’s hook this up to the grid, and see what happens!”

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt right place right time provided by the Carrot Ranch February 18 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

Fear The Bald Man (flash fiction)

Fear The Bald Man

She sat on the edge of the bed covered in blood. Next to her lay a man split open from his throat down to his crotch. Already the police were there taking photographs of the bloody murder and closing down the crime scene. Detective Franks stood above her.

“Miss? I’m told your name is Mary. Can I call you that? Can you hear me? Why did you kill him?” he asked her in the hopes of getting a response from the almost catatonic woman.

“I didn’t kill him. It was The Bald Man.” Mary replied while still staring at the wall in front of her.

“The Bald Man?” asked Franks. She unexpectedly looked up at him.

“You’ve never heard of The Bald Man?”

“No I’m afraid not.”

“He’s not of this world. He can slide through walls and no where is safe from him. Once you’re his target, there is nothing you can do to escape his judgement.” Mary informed him.

“His judgement?”

“Yes he judges everyone he sees, and if they’re not worthy enough in his eyes he follows them, and when he finally has them he cuts them open and eats their insides.”

“I see. The problem I have is the only prints we’ve found belong to you and the victim here. The bloody knife on the floor has your fingerprints.” Franks told her.

“The Bald Man has no prints.” she replied.

“That’s convenient.”

“I had to use that knife to defend myself. The Bald Man doesn’t need a knife. His fingernails can grow out and they’re as sharp as razor blades. That’s how he cut open Justin.”

“Well we’re going to have to take you in as you’re the only suspect we have.” Franks declared. Mary looked up at him with her dark eyes.

“The Bald Man is coming for you too.”

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt The Bald Man provided by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver Prompt #315.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

The Old Castle (fiction)

The Old Castle

Somehow I had taken the wrong road and found myself lost. I was still new to the area and had gone for a walk along the idyllic country roads. A mist had unexpectedly come down in the late afternoon and it was now getting cooler. On the hill above me there rose an old crumbling stone castle. In need of warmth and safety, I walked up to the main gate and knocked on the solid wood door not really expecting to get a response. To my surprise the door opened up with a loud creak, and there stood an old man slightly bent over and dressed in rags. He leered at me.

“How can I help you miss?” he asked in a coarse voice. Taken aback, I was for a moment speechless.

“I’m lost and it’s getting cold. I was wondering if I could come inside for a time so I can get warm again, kind sir?” I asked him while feeling doubtful whether I should really go inside that old castle with him. He smiled and laughed crudely.

“Certainly miss. Come inside, the Mistress will be awake soon.” he said holding the door open for me. I had some reservations about walking in there, but it was cold and so against my better judgement I walked across the threshold. He closed the door behind me. “This way miss.”

I followed him as he led me through old dark musty rooms with his lighted candelabra dreading where it might end. We went up some stairs and he opened a door and beckoned me to go inside. No sooner had I done so, then he shut the door loudly behind me. I heard him lock it, and then he walked off laughing again.

“Let me out!” I screamed at him.

“Enjoy your brief stay miss.” I heard him say with a voice moving further away.

I tried forcing the door open, but it was locked fast and made from the same solid wood the main gate was. I looked around the room. It was dark, but there were some narrow slits in the wall which the fading light came through. Once my eyes adjusted to the gloom I saw in the middle of the room there was a black coffin. I thought it an odd place to house a coffin, so I went to investigate and opened it up. To my shock there was a dead woman inside it. She had long dark hair and ivory skin. She wore a black dress. I closed the lid and went back to the door and started pounding on it as loudly as I could.

“Please let me out!” I screamed, but there was no response. “There’s a corpse in here for God’s sake!”

Slowly the light in the room died out and I reckoned it must be dusk by now. To my shock the coffin lid suddenly opened up and the woman I presumed to be dead slowly emerged out of it. She looked at me and gave a dark smile.

“So nice of my servant to bring me some breakfast!” she said. She opened her mouth to reveal long white fangs. She approached me with a hungry look in her black pitiless eyes. I screamed, but no one else heard it.

Joanne Fisher

I’ve been watching a lot of the old Hammer vampire movies lately…

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

The Plantlife (flash fiction)

The Plantlife

“This is probably my final communication. At the moment I am trapped in a cave and my survival prospects seem to be virtually zero at this point.

My team landed on the planet Aldis 4 and found a planet teeming with plant species, but with no other higher forms of life. As far as we could tell there were no mammals, reptiles, or even bird life like we find on Earth. The only other lifeforms we could find were an abundance of insects. It was Perkins, our botanist, that speculated the entire planet seemed to form a single entity and the static we were getting on our instruments was a stream of consciousness that was being emitted beyond our range of hearing by the plant life.

When we decided to take some samples, that’s when things went terribly wrong. In a short space of time my team were either throttled or dismembered by extremely quick and powerful vines that seemed to come out of nowhere. I managed to escape into a nearby small cave which I immediately blocked up with rocks so the creeping vines couldn’t reach me.

I’m now running out of supplies and the air seems to be getting thin. Either I die from hunger and starvation, or I go out there and let the plants quickly end my life. If you receive this message, and you come to this planet, whatever you do: DON’T PICK THE FLOWERS!”

Joanne Fisher

Inspired by a prompt I got wrong, so I expanded it.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

Tenacious (flash fiction)


No one had expected Amelia to survive her death, but here she was standing by the grave she had just dug up from. It had been difficult at first, but her will to endure overcame any problems digging through the earth had posed. She was alive. She was tenacious. She was immortal now.

Amelia walked out of the graveyard. Having overcome death, it was now time to feed, and she was so very hungry.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 73 + prompt

This was written with the prompt tenacious provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #192.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

Dressing Up (flash fiction)

Dressing Up

As the sun set, they rose out of their coffins in the crypt.

“Shall we hope someone walks through the graveyard tonight? Or shall we get dressed up and go into town?” asked Samantha.

“Yes let’s go into town!” Katherine replied.

They dressed up in their finest gowns and coats, then headed off. When they got to town they were surprised by the sheer number of people there.

“Are you going to choose one?” Samantha asked after a while.

“There’s just too many of them! I can’t decide!” Katherine replied. Samantha rolled her eyes. Why did this always happen?

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt dressing up provided by the Carrot Ranch January 14 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

The Puddle to Another World (flash fiction)

The Puddle to Another World

Sandra didn’t understand. When she looked into the puddle she saw a stone church reflected in the water, but there was no such church. It should have reflected the car park building that was actually there. Maybe there had been a church at that location in the past, she wondered.

Confused, she knelt down and touched the water. Her hand went through the puddle. To her surprise, she fell into the blue sky.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 73

This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #112. I wasn’t planning on writing this now, but the idea just suddenly popped into my head…

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher

The Visit (fiction/repost)

The Visit

“You may come in.” said the voice behind the door.

Melissa opened the door and walked into the room. The door closed behind her and shut with an odd click. She was now in the doctor’s office. In front of her beyond the chair was a large heavy desk made of oak or possibly walnut, Melissa really had no idea. Seated behind the desk was a man in his 50s, Melissa presumed, with short grey hair and who looked slightly portly. He was wearing a dark suit with a blue tie and was writing something down when she entered. He looked up briefly at her and then continued writing.

“You are Melissa Adamson?” he asked her in his loud authoritative voice.

“Yes I am” Melissa confirmed. He looked up at her again and this time looked her over for sometime as if he was checking for something. “Thanks for seeing me so late.”

“So what brings you here?” he asked her. Melissa sat down on the chair in front of the desk. She didn’t know where to begin. She flicked the dark hair out of her eyes.

“I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately.” she said to him.

“What do you mean by out of sorts?”

“Well I can’t keep any food down, but I feel so hungry all the time. Also, I can’t sleep at night and instead fall asleep during daytime. If I ever go out in the daylight I get very nasty sunburn. My skin is paler than usual. I wonder if I’m anemic” she told him. The doctor nodded his head making hmm noises as he continued writing things down. He then looked up at her.

“How long has this been happening?” he queried.

“About a couple of days.” she replied.

“Did you notice anything before this?”

“Well I did wake up with a nasty pain in the right side of my neck for a few weeks. I seem to have been bitten by something. I think maybe it was bedbugs or maybe something like that, but the odd thing is that I don’t think I’ve been bitten since I fell ill. I did seem to sleep for a few days before I woke up feeling like this.” she told him. He sat back in his leather chair and took a long look at her.

“Have you had any odd cravings lately for any particular food or drink?”

“Well I ended up eating some raw steak yesterday and I…” she didn’t really want to tell him what she had been craving. It was too weird. He thoughtfully nodded his head and began writing something down again on his notepad.

“Any other odd symptoms?” he asked.

“Well all my senses seem to be heightened. I can see a lot better in the dark now, and I can hear people’s hearts beating and hear their blood flowing in their veins and arteries.” When she said the word “blood” she could feel the cravings again, but she quickly continued on… “Also it isn’t a symptom, but dogs seem to be barking at me a lot now and quite viciously, and cats won’t go near me at all. Maybe they can smell something’s wrong with me.” The doctor briefly smiled, but then resumed his thoughtful expression. He got up from his chair and walked round the desk to her.

“I thought I would listen to your heart. Take a deep breath.” he said as he took his stethoscope from around his neck and put on some rubber gloves. When he placed it against her chest it wasn’t as cold as she thought it would be, though she was feeling it through her t-shirt. The doctor went hmm again. He touched her pale arm “You’re very cold.”

“Yes I can’t seem to get warm these days either.” she said laughing nervously. Saying it all out loud made her realise she must really be ill. The doctor grabbed a tongue depressor from his desk and placed it in her open mouth. He peered into her seeming to check her upper teeth at the same time. She could hear his heart beating slow and steady. He then threw the tongue depressor into the bin and walked back around his desk while removing the rubber gloves. He sat down and looked at her.

“I’m afraid you have a case of vampirism.” he said to her.

“Vampirism?” she repeated in an alarmed voice. “Are you serious?”

“Yes vampirism.” he confirmed. “Obviously a vampire was feeding on you the past few weeks, hence the sore neck. Somehow, whether by intent or accident, some of their blood got into you, which would have been around the same time they obviously drained you of enough blood to kill you. Obviously you must have died, but due to having their blood in your system meant that you regained consciousness as an undead entity.” Melissa sat there with her mouth open in shock. She didn’t know what to say. Maybe the doctor was insane?

“So is there anything I can do about it?” she asked slowly.

“Well thankfully there is a cure.” he proclaimed. Melissa gave a sigh of relief. He opened a drawer in his desk and produced a wooden stake. “All I have to do is insert this into your heart with a certain degree of force and then remove your head and you’ll no longer be a vampire.”

“But won’t that kill me?” she asked alarmed. The doctor looked at her blankly.

“Well yes. You are an abomination now. You have to die.” he said as he stood up.

Melissa then also abruptly stood up and quickly ran to the door, only to find that it was locked. She looked around to see the doctor was quickly advancing on her with the stake in his right hand. She was so hungry now and could hear the blood gurgling through his body as his heart-rate increased.

She turned to face him with her fangs out for the first time. This time she would feed and her hunger would finally be sated…

Joanne Fisher

This was the first piece of fiction I ever published on this blog. Up till then I had published articles, poems, and recipes. I remember feeling nervous as hell when I published this, as it was the first fiction I ever had published online and I wasn’t sure if people were going to like it. Thankfully they did 🙂

I did re-edit this piece as it needed some reworking.

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Šī¸2020 Joanne Fisher