The Toilet to Hell (flash fiction)

The Toilet to Hell

“Ashley honey, you okay?’ Steffi asked as she knocked on the door. Ashley had been in the toilet for quite some time now. Cautiously Steffi opened the door to find she was gone. “Son of a bitch!” Steffi shouted as she closed the toilet lid.

Everyone had wondered how Steffi could afford her luxury apartment that was in an ideal location. She told everyone it was because the toilet was demonically possessed, but nobody believed her. Regardless of that, she loved her new apartment even if her toilet did occasionally eat people. She was going to miss Ashley though.

Joanne Fisher

This is my second take on the prompt of a story that glorifies a toilet provided by the Carrot Ranch November 19 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher

Awake (flash fiction)



I awoke. It was pitch black and slowly it dawned on me I was in a coffin. I opened it to find I was in my family’s vault. The last thing I remembered was falling asleep in my bed. What had happened? I arose from the coffin and walked out into the night. I was so hungry.

Joanne Fisher

Word count 56 + prompt

This was written with the prompt vault provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #180.

After writing The Dead Dance I thought of this:

“Would you like a Bloody Nicola?’

“Don’t you mean Bloody Mary?”

“No, we’ve run out of Mary.”

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©2020 Joanne Fisher

Doppelganger (flash fiction)



The group of friends built a bonfire. Jenny and Cass spent the evening in each other’s arms. Then Cass stood up.

“I’m going home.” Cass declared.

“Can’t you stay? We can sleep under the stars.” Jenny offered.

“I’ve got work.”

Only an hour later, Cass unexpectedly returned.

“You’ve come back?”

“Changed my mind.” Cass replied. She led Jenny away. Then Jenny’s phone rang. Tori answered.

“It’s Cass here, tell Jenny I’ve got safely home.” said the voice.

“But you came back!” Tori replied.

“No, I’m home.”

The group ran off looking for Jenny, but she was never seen again.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt of spooky tale told round a campfire provided by the Carrot Ranch October 22 Flash Fiction Challenge.

Originally this story was over 200 words. I hope cutting it back so much hasn’t hampered the narrative.

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©2020 Joanne Fisher

Who? (Day 9, flash fiction)





Late one evening I suddenly heard who? Thinking I had imagined it, I then heard it again, and kept on hearing it through the night. Who?, who?, who?, it went. I couldn’t work out where it was coming from. I thought it might be an owl outside, but the who’s seemed to follow me around inside the house. After several days of it, and feeling slightly out of my wits, I asked my girlfriend if she heard it too.

“Heard what?” she asked.

“The ghost “who” I keep on hearing. It follows me about the house.” I told her.

“Ghost who? No.” she replied looking slightly worried. She tried giving me an encouraging smile, and then retreated to another part of the house while muttering “Weirdo” under her breath.

I now have appointments with my doctor and a clinical psychiatrist next week…


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt Day 9 – Ghost Who provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain. I wasn’t sure what this one meant…




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©2020 Joanne Fisher




Unexpected Guests (Day 8, flash fiction)




Unexpected Guests


Late one evening there was a loud knock on the door. Tom answered it to find two well-dressed strangers standing there. They both looked very pale.

“Excuse us for bothering you at this late hour, but we are your new neighbours. May we come in?” the man asked.

“Sure, come in. My wife and myself happen to be night owls too, so it’s no problem. Come in to our living room.”

“My thanks for your hospitality.” the man bowing slightly. He and the woman walked across the threshold.

“Darling our new next door neighbours are here.” Tom said as he walked into the living room followed by the two guests.

“Oh they haven’t moved into that frightful old mansion next door have they?” his wife asked.

“I think they have. This is my wife Katherine by the way.” Tom said. “Please sit down.” The couple sat down looking slightly uncomfortable.

“My name is Vlad, and this is my wife Svetlana.” Vlad said.

“Pleased to meet you!” Katherine replied. “Can we interest you in a drink?” She picked up a wine bottle.

“No thank you. We don’t drink… wine.” Vlad answered.

“Oh you’re teetotalers?” Katherine asked surprised.

“Not exactly.” Svetlana replied.

“Tell me why do you wear a cape?” Katherine asked Vlad.

“It’s part of my look.” Vlad told her.

“How interesting.”

“Anyway, we should go. We just came her to introduce ourselves really. I guess we’ll see you again shortly.” Vlad said suddenly standing up.

“Well drop in whenever you wish to. We’re often up all night it seems.” Tom informed him.

“Oh darling really!”

Vlad and Svetlana nodded to them and left. Tom closed the door behind them.

“What do you think?” Tom asked Katherine.

“I think they seemed a bit pretentious.” Katherine replied.

“But it might be useful having another vampire couple nearby.” Tom said. Katherine frowned.

“I guess we’ll see. More blood?” she asked holding up the bottle.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt Day 8 – Unexpected Guests provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.




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©2020 Joanne Fisher




All Dressed Up (Day 7, poem)


All Dressed Up

All dressed up and nowhere to go

in his finest suit under the ground

lifeless from his head down to his toe

maybe it’s time to come back around

all it takes is some reanimation

and from the grave he will again rise

due to some malignant machination

but to bring the dead back isn’t wise

out of his grave he will dig upwards then

in the night’s long dark he will feast

preying on the living only stops when

someone lops off the head of this beast

Joanne Fisher

Not my best effort, but at least I’ve kept the Halloween theme…  🤪

This was written with the prompt Day 7 – All Dressed Up provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.


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©2020 Joanne Fisher

Batts in the Belfry (flash fiction)



Batts in the Belfry


A guy I knew had recently converted an old church into a living space. After giving me a tour of the place, we ended up in the old bell tower.

“I found this area was very cold in winter, so I decided on getting some insulation installed, so now there are Pink Batts lining all the walls here which helps keep this place snug and warm.” he commented.

“So you’ve got Batts in the belfry then.” I replied and we both laughed.

“Very witty. By the way I’m actually a vampire.” he unexpectedly announced. He opened his mouth revealing his fangs.

Due to his excellent soundproofing, my screams were not heard.


Joanne Fisher


Pink Batts are a brand of insulation here. I have no idea if they’re also available in other countries.

This was written with the prompt Day 3 – Bats in the Belfry provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.




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©2020 Joanne Fisher

Surprise Visit (flash fiction)


Surprise Visit

One evening there came a knock on my door. It was a succession of loud thumps that rather surprised me. I crept to the door with my heart pounding in my ears, and tentatively opened it. To my shock there stood Janelle, a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time.

“Hi Samantha!” she said in a slightly deeper voice than I remembered her having. I opened the door fully.

“Hi Janelle. It’s been a while.” I replied. I noticed her skin was a strange green colour, and bits of it looked like it had fallen off recently. She smiled at me and I saw her teeth were a mixture of yellow and black, some of them had gone. “So what happened to you?’ She gave me another nauseating smile.

“I died apparently. I woke up in a coffin and dug myself out. Slowly bits are falling off me.” she said. She grabbed one of her fingers, and it broke off like she was snapping a twig which almost made me retch. “Apparently I’m a ghoul now. Good thing I wasn’t cremated.” She suddenly laughed.

“How terrible!” I replied trying to keep the rising bile in my mouth.

‘It’s not that bad really. I do have this insatiable hunger for flesh, but aside from that I’m fine. The good thing is any flesh will do, even if it’s rotten. So I’ve got that going for me!” she laughed out loud again. I found it an uncomfortable dry cackle of a laugh. I felt even more nauseous, if that was possible.

“So why have you come to visit me ?” I asked while dreading the answer.

“I haven’t seen you for ages, so I thought I would look you up and say hi. I just wanted to bring you grave tidings!” she said and suddenly started laughing again. Undead or not, Janelle could never resist a pun.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt Day 2 – Grave Tidings provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.


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©2020 Joanne Fisher

Dark Forest (Flash Fiction)

Dark Forest

Lucy dreamed she was lost in a dark forest and chasing her were these tall creatures with long nails as keen as razor blades, and when they grimaced at her their teeth were serrated and ended with a sharp point. They surrounded her in the blackness. Monsters in the dark.

Lucy awoke, but instead of waking in her familiar bed, she found she was still in the forest.

“I must be still dreaming.” she told herself as she realised she had been trapped by these things. One of them laughed. It was a noise that set her on edge like fingernails on a blackboard.

“Yes you were dreaming, and now you’ve woken up in our world.” the one that laughed replied as it approached her licking it’s lips with it’s extended tongue.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt Day 1 – Monsters in the Dark provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher