Their First Christmas (micro fiction)


Their First Christmas

“Have you seen this movie before?” Rachel asked.

“No. What’s it called again?”

“Legend. It’s a fantasy movie from the eighties.” Rachel replied as she put her arms around Danielle.

They both snuggled in bed together watching the screen. Yesterday they had spent their first Christmas together as a couple. They had been with Rachel’s family all day since Danielle’s parents still weren’t okay with her coming out as lesbian. She had been told she wasn’t welcome this year.

As they lay in bed there was a knock on the front door. Rachel answered it but only found a bag containing two presents. The bigger one had “Dani” on the label and the other one had “Rachel”.

It was a step.

Joanne Fisher

This story was written with the prompt legend provided by Sammi Cox. The story or poem had to be 120 words.


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