Light – six pieces (poems)



Shadow Play


the afternoon sun

shining through

my window


silhouettes of

fluttering leaves

dance on my leg




The Biggest Beach Ball


Saturn’s density

is so light it would

float on water


if you could find

a large enough pool






my parents would

turn off my light

once I fell asleep

& then I would

wakeĀ up in darkness







my hardback copy of

Complete Monty Python Sketches

is surprisingly heavy

for such light reading




Playing One’s Cards


while Magic The Gathering cards

are quite light on their own


a cardboard box full of them







“It’s amazing my hand

doesn’t float away

as I’m so light-fingered”

joked Mary


as she purloined

my chocolates



Joanne Fisher


Last week I ended up writing six short poems for the prompt Silence. I enjoyed doing that so much I decided to do it again this week. I gave myself the prompt Light and made them all 15-20 words long. Feel free to do this too.


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