Van Gogh In Auvers (poem)

Van Gogh, Cottages with Thatched Roofs and Figures (July, 1890)


Van Gogh In Auvers


Auvers is the end

of the journey

the final spiral



you wanted to be closer

to Theo, but Paris is too hectic,

too busy, so you come to

Auvers where


Gauguin, Pissaro, & Cezanne

preceded you



gets a little bit


& blotched

& less precise

among the cottages with

thatched roofs & wheat fields

with crows


the air ripples around you

everything is shimmering


you slip away


Joanne Fisher


This is a poem I’ve been working on lately. I thought it was in a good enough state to publish here, but I find poetry is often never finished…


I consider this a companion piece to my poem The Last Days of Van Gogh.


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Into The Dark (micro fiction)

Into The Dark

Tess got out her hand-carved wand. They had taken her girlfriend Chloe during the night. Now they would pay dearly. She knew it was all a ploy to get her to follow them, but the best way to deal with a trap was to know it was a trap beforehand. Or so she reckoned.

She opened a magical gateway to the Shadow World. Before her lay darkness through the shimmering gate. A chill wind ruffled her long brown hair. She breathed out slowly to conquer the rising fear in her. To save her love, she walked into the dark.

Joanne Fisher

I wrote this for the Carrot Ranch November 29 Flash Fiction Challenge.

The instructions were: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story using the phrase “into the dark.” What must a character face? Write about an encounter, journey, relationship, or quest. Follow the ship’s lights on gloomy seas. Go where the prompt leads you

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Second Conversation With A Vampire (fiction)


Our previous conversation

Second Conversation With A Vampire

One night I awake and there is someone sitting on my bed next to me. I notice my neck is hurting like hell and instantly realise I’m being visited again.

“So it’s you? You’ve come back for more?” I said to the dark figure above me. There was a jolt of surprise from her when I spoke.

“Oops sorry I didn’t mean to wake you!” she replied. I could see her eyes glowing in the dark which I found rather unsettling.

“Well if you’re going to munch on my neck…”

“Usually I don’t wake you.” she explained.

“Usually? How often do you feed on me? No wonder I always have a sore neck and iron deficiency problems.” She seemed unconcerned.

“Whenever I feel like a snack. If you didn’t keep your window open maybe I wouldn’t see it as a open invitation to come in and feed on you.” She told me.

“So it’s my fault huh?” I asked incredulously.

“Well maybe you subconsciously want me to feed on you. I mean an open window is like a come on to us vampires.”

“Unbelievable!” I exclaimed.

“Well that’s the way us vampires see it.” She replied. I just shook my head.

“So my loss of blood and iron deficiency is my own problem then?” I asked her. She just shrugged her shoulders.

“Buy some iron tablets maybe?” she suggested.

“Why don’t you pay for them since you’re drinking my blood?” I asked.

“If you go to a free buffet do you expect to suddenly get charged for it?” She asked nonchalantly while inspecting her sharp nails.

“So you’re not accepting any responsibility for it?”

“Nope. It’s not my problem.” She insisted. I just shook my head again.

“Unbelievable!” I repeated.

“Well at least I’m not sucking you dry.” She offered.

“When I awoke I thought maybe you had come here to kill me. You warned me not to write about vampires anymore, but I still did it and even published the conversation we had on my blog. I really thought you would finish me off after that.”

“Yeah well the Council had a change of mind over it.” She revealed.

“A change of mind?”

“Yeah it was decided that you weren’t really important enough to bother with. It’s not like many people take notice of you.”

“They do too!” I insisted. “One of my articles has been read by over 100 people.”

“Wow a hundred? Gosh!” I noticed the sarcasm in her voice. “Well whoever looks at your posts it’s not enough for us to be worried about. But cheer up! At least your blood tastes really good. I just can’t stop coming back for more!” She told me grinning scarily at me.

“Yay…” I replied.

“I just don’t get you humans. I give you a compliment and you don’t appreciate it.” She shook her head in disappointment.

“That was a compliment? Really?”

“Be thankful I’m talking to you. I could just charm you back to sleep and make you forget everything.” She told me.

“Then why don’t you?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulders again.

“Maybe I like talking to you.”

“You like me?” I asked surprised.

“I wouldn’t go that far!”

“Well since you’re here you could always get under the covers with me.” I offered.

“Ew!” she replied looking aghast.

“Is that a problem?”

“Do you have sex with YOUR food?” she asked.


“Actually don’t answer that. I don’t want to know!” she said quickly cutting me off.

“I thought you vampires were promiscuous.” I told her. She shook her head.

“I think you’ve watched too many bad vampire movies. It’s a bit of a stereotype really. I don’t assume you hate men or drive a Jeep. Honestly, if you want to get off with someone, get a girlfriend, since that’s the way you swing. I’ve seen all the stuff you look at on your phone.” She revealed.

“You’ve been looking through my phone?” I couldn’t believe it.

“Well if you’re going to leave it beside your bed of course I’m going to look through it you dirty girl.”

“So I’m being judged by a vampire who clearly has boundary issues?” I asked her pointedly.

“Well if you have a problem with it maybe keep your window shut next time.” She countered. I sighed.

“Maybe I will.” I threatened.

“Would be a shame really. You taste so good.” She said with a slight tone of disappointment in her voice.

“If you promise not to go through my stuff when I’m sleeping and help me with my iron deficiency problems, I could possibly leave it open occasionally.” I offered. She sat there considering my offer.

“I’ll think about it.” She replied.

“I know you’re not interested in sex, but would you be into cuddling with me?” I asked her. She screwed up her face.

“Is this some ploy to get me in bed with you? I don’t really do cuddling. I don’t like getting too personal with who I feed on.” I rolled my eyes at her words.

“You’ve been drinking blood out of my neck! How could you get more personal than that?”

“It’s not the same.” She insisted.

“I just thought it would be nice if we cuddled. It may help me get back to sleep.” I told her. This time she rolled her eyes.

“You poor lonely thing! Ok we’ll cuddle, just shut up about it and don’t expect me to be there when you wake.” She said as she pulled back the blankets and crawled into the bed beside me.

She put her arms around me and we spooned. Her body felt cold. Slowly I drifted off to sleep feeling her fangs probing the skin on my neck…

Joanne Fisher

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Finding Valinor (poem)

Earendil the Mariner by Jenny Dolfen


Finding Valinor


Fleeing the shadow

we try to get to Valinor

to ask the Valar’s aid

but each time blown back

by repelling winds


one night

the Moon’s illumination showing

Eärendil with his golden hair

standing at the prow

of the Vingilot

a white dove lands &

transforms into Elwing

bearing the Silmaril


Eärendil binds it to his brow &

burns our way through the mists

& winds, until finally we see

the shores of Eldamar


Joanne Fisher


At the moment I’m writing an article on Tolkien. One of the things I discuss in it is the story of the Voyage of Eärendil. One of the stories I’ve always liked. I thought it would be interesting to write a poem about it as I’ve never written a poem using Tolkien’s stories and characters before. Using the word prompt of illumination also allowed me to keep it to only 73 words which created a nice challenge for me. The word prompt also gave the image of the moon illuminating Eärendil at the prow of the ship, which is why I thought of writing it.

The poem was written from the perspective of one of the three other sailors that accompanied him on the voyage.

This was written using the word prompt illumination from the post by Sammi Cox.


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Taking A Photo (micro fiction)

Taking A Photo

“Smile Jenny!” Jenny smiled. Through the lens Sonya watched Jenny sitting in front of the tree, her long brown hair being blown about by the wind. After a trek through the cemetery, this was the place they had always liked coming to. Sonya pressed the button and heard the camera click.

By the time she looked at the picture, tears were beginning to stream down her face. All she had was a picture of their favourite tree and empty space where Jenny would have been.

Joanne Fisher

This story was inspired by a prompt that I totally misunderstood. It turned out the prompt was something completely different, but by then I had the story…

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The Trick (fiction)


The last few days have been a bit hectic for me so I haven’t had much time to write or even think about writing. I also haven’t had much sleep over this time either, so I’m looking forward to catching up on sleep over the coming weekend and currently I’m staring at other people’s posts in a sleepy haze… So I thought I would re-post the story The Trick which made up part of my Halloween post. I thought it was quite a neat little story.

The Trick

Olivia woke up in the early evening. She sleepily reached for her clock and saw that it was six o’clock. The sun was only now beginning to set and which meant she hadn’t slept in. She lay in bed for a moment reflecting on what needed to be done in the night ahead. Her thinking was interrupted by knocking on the front door. She expected her servant to answer it, but continued knocking suggested he wasn’t able to and whomever was knocking was not going away.

Grumpily she got out bed and threw on a black robe and then hastened up the stairs. When she got to the wide double doors that marked the entrance to her mansion she threw them open to be met by three small children with an adult male behind them.

“Trick or treat!” The children screamed out as soon she opened the door.

“I’m sorry?”

“Trick or treat!” They repeated.

“And what is that?” She asked confused.

“You have to give us some candy or we do a trick on you.” The tallest child, a boy who was dressed as a skeleton, informed her.

“Oh!” She exclaimed.

“It’s for Halloween. Though I thought you would know that since you’ve put a costume on.” The man informed her.

“A costume?”

“Well you’ve obviously dressed up as a vampire with your very pale skin and your long red hair. Is that a wig by the way?” He asked her.

She felt very confused. She hadn’t dressed up as a vampire, she was a vampire. But she thought given the circumstances maybe it would be best if she played along.

“Oh yes. Sorry!” She gave a nervous laugh. “I forgot I had already got dressed in a costume.”

“Do you have any candy for us?” Asked the second tallest, a girl dressed as a witch.

“I’m afraid not. I don’t usually have candy here.” She told them. They all seemed disappointed, even the little blob covered in a sheet, which she presumed was meant to be a ghost.

“We’re sorry to have troubled you.” Said the man. “We’ve only just moved here and I thought I would take the children trick or treating since it was Halloween.” The children all began to walk away dejectedly.

“Wait a moment! Do you want to see a trick?” She asked the children. They spun round looking really excited and came back up to the front door expectantly.

“Yes!” They all cried in unison.

“Okay here goes.” Olivia said to them.

And then she turned into a bat, adding a lot of smoke as she did so to make it look like it was some sort of effect. She fluttered around the doorway for a moment and then turned back into her usual form, again making sure to add smoke to it as she did so.

The children just stood there in awe with open mouths.

“That was so cool!” The tallest one said enthusiastically.

“Wow! Where did you learn to do that? Are you some sort of magician?” The father said impressed.

“Yes. In a way.” Olivia replied.

“Do you do birthdays?” He asked. Olivia grimaced briefly.

“I’m afraid not.” She replied. He seemed disappointed.

“Well we better go. Thanks for showing us that incredible trick. As I said we’ve only just moved here so you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of us in the days ahead.” He smiled and led the children away while they smiled and waved goodbye to her.

Olivia closed the door behind them. Next year she would get Igor to make sure the house was well stocked with candy.

Joanne Fisher

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The Inquisitor, part two (fiction)

Part One

The Inquisitor, part two

Taran was a young child when the Clone Wars began. She grew up on the small planet Cuxhil which lay near the Outer Rim. For most of the war the planet was left untouched having little strategic value to either side. However towards the end of the war the planet was unexpectedly invaded by the Separatists for a quick grab of resources desperately needed for their battles against the Republic.

Taran’s home village was in the direct path of the invasion and was virtually wiped of the map. Taran survived by hiding in the ruins and wondering what had happened to her parents. The Republic took some time to respond to this attack as their forces had been tied up in many other conflicts. When the Jedi and Clone Troopers finally arrived the Separatist forces were defeated and driven off the planet. The Republic helped rebuild and repair what they could. Taran came out of hiding to find her parents and virtually everyone else she knew were dead. The Jedi there discovered she was Force-sensitive and arranged have her sent to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for training, however by the time she got there the Jedi had been destroyed and The Republic had become The Empire.

The Emperor had the remaining Force sensitive children taken to another planet near the Galaxy’s Inner Core and trained in the Dark Side. Taran quickly emerged as a talented Force user.


The Lambda-class Imperial Shuttle sped towards the planet. Taran focused on the presence of the Jedi. They were in the northern hemisphere. Possibly hiding out in some natural caves amongst a mountainous area of the planet, maybe even the Rebels were there.

The shuttle landed near some rocky outcrops. The ramp slowly dropped and Taran and a squad of stormtroopers walked down it onto the planet’s surface. Not far from them were a group of hills that were mostly bare rock. Taran’s black cloak swayed in the hot breeze. She looked to the south and saw the entire horizon engulfed in fire from the turbolasers and missiles launched from the Star Destroyers. Seeing the complete devastation at ground level was frightening, even to her.

Turning to the hills she saw no evidence of a Rebel base but she could feel the presence of the Jedi. They were very close. Leaving the stormtroopers to guard the Shuttle, she walked forward into the wind focussing on the Jedi.

She walked up a hill and followed a path that seemed to wind around it. It led to a series of caves. Reaching out she could feel the Jedi was in the left one. She cautiously walked into it and soon found herself striding down a smooth tunnel. It led to a series of rooms that were obviously a living space for someone. When she came to the last one there in the middle of the floor was a women in brown robes sitting cross-legged on the floor. She seemed to be meditating. She had long brown hair that was turning grey and was probably slightly taller than Taran. She looked to be in her mid-forties.

“Olen Layfar?” Taran asked with a commanding tone. The woman opened her eyes and looked directly at her.

“I could feel you coming. As soon as you arrived in this system I knew you were here. I didn’t see the point in running.” The Jedi said. Taran looked down at her with hate.

“You will regret that!” Taran answered. Olen looked at her with a bemused expression.

“I’m surprised they sent one so young to find me.” She said sizing up Taran. “Is all that devastation out there for me?”

“For you and the Rebels.” Taran answered while starting to grip her lightsaber.

“Rebels? There are no Rebels here. They’ve never been on this planet as far as I’m aware.” Olen informed her.

“Our intelligence said there is Rebel activity on this planet.” Taran replied.

“Maybe your intelligence was giving you false information to manipulate you in commiting the atrocity you’ve done. All those people killed for what? To punish them for something that wasn’t their fault?” Taran felt nothing but hatred and contempt for her.

“More Jedi lies!” Taran answered her. Olen just shook her head sadly.

“I see there’s no point in using reason with you.” She stated.

Taran ignited her lightsaber. The red blade hummed above the seated figure of Olen.

“Either you surrender to me now or meet your destruction.” Taran told her.

“I will not surrender to you and you will have to kill me.” Olen said defiantly.

“If that is your destiny.” Taran replied.

Taran swung the lightsaber down onto the Jedi, but she dodged it with surprising athleticism and then ignited her own lightsaber while standing up. It had a bright green blade.

It would be a fight to the death, then.

to be continued…

Joanne Fisher

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The Sky-Pirates of Durn, part 19

Dragon boats by Neil MacCormack

Chapter 19: Debate In Loro-Don

The Mayor was sitting in her office. She was thinking about what needed to be done regarding Yastell. It was all a fine balance. She had to work out how many of the city’s forces she could send there while leaving enough behind to defend the city should the Empire do a surprise attack on them, something which they were known for. But then again if Yastell fell then it wouldn’t matter what forces Loro-Don had. The almost unlimited wealth the Empire would gain would enable it to spend large amounts of money on as many airships it wanted to, as well as mercenaries to fill them. Loro-Don would eventually fall as well if this happened. In that case why not send everything? She saw the value in it but didn’t like the thought of leaving the city completely defenceless. It was a conundrum she had to think about.

And where was Meela? She had been gone for about a week now. All they received was a message from her to send what forces and mages they had to Yastell a few days ago that had come from an unknown channel. Everything at the moment seemed uncertain and confusing. She hoped Meela was okay. Her reverie was broken by an urgent knocking at the door.

“Come in!” The Mayor said. The door opened to reveal a pale-looking soldier.

“There what looks to be an Elder Dragon flying towards the city!” He told her frantically.

That was all they needed. Dragons usually left them alone. A large enough dragon could tear the city to pieces and there would be nothing they could do about it.

“Deploy the defences!” She ordered. He nodded and then hurriedly left.

She left her office and went up the stairs that led to a small tower. Once there she looked through the telescope and began scanning the skies. Then she saw it. A large bronze dragon. The dragon was still far away but seemed to be hurtling towards the city. It indeed seemed to be an Elder Dragon. If it was coming to destroy them then they were all going to be killed. May the Gods help them!


The city’s ballistas were manned and pointed towards the oncoming dragon. Various mages and archers were also standing on the edges of the city hoping they might inflict some sort of damage once it got closer. Perhaps they could hurt it enough so that it lost interest in attacking them, whatever it’s motivations might be for attacking. As they watched they saw the dragon do something that made them all bewildered: it started slowing down and almost seemed to be gliding on the wind as it approached the city. Was this some sort of game it was playing? To make them think it’s intentions were not hostile to lull them into a false sense of security? As it glided towards them everyone there delayed their actions waiting to see what it was going to do next. To their astonishment it glided slowly up to the docks, and as they watched, a lone figure seemed to hop off the dragon onto the dock below. Then the dragon glided away and slowly built up speed till it suddenly shot away into the distance. They all looked at the figure that was left on the docks. It was Meela Starblazer. She had returned.

As she walked away from the docks everyone that had been watching all looked at her in awe. Not stopping to talk she continued walking down the streets leading to the heart of the city with everyone coming out to watch her as word quickly spread that Meela had returned to Loro-Don on the back of an Elder Dragon. Many of the city’s inhabitants crowded the streets trying to get a look at her as she walked by and then follow behind her. By the time she got to the Council building it seemed like almost everyone in the city was completely filling the City Square. Before she walked into the building the she turned around and gave them all a wave, and then disappeared behind a front door of the building. There was a hushed silence.


Meela walked into the Council building and headed directly for the Mayor’s office that was on the top floor next to the Council Room. She found the Mayor in the hallway as she had been returning from the tower after watching Meela’s progress through the city. The two of them looked at each other, sizing one another up.

“You were away longer than expected.” the Mayor stated. Meela shrugged.

“I ran into some unexpected delays.” Meela replied.

“You’re looking rather tired and thin. What happened to you there?”

“I got caught in a battle, was stabbed and poisoned, and then had a journey through the desert. Nothing I couldn’t handle.” Meela told her seemingly downplaying it all. The Mayor raised her eyebrows.

“And then you rode back on a dragon.” the Mayor added.

“Well yes it was quick way to get back.” Meela replied with a beaming smile. “Did you get my message?”

“Yes I got it a few days ago. I’m not sure who relayed it though. We are getting airships and forces ready. We’re hoping to start sending help to them in a couple of days, though there are many things still left to consider, such as how many forces do we leave behind.” The Mayor told her.

“Good. I wasn’t sure if you had got it.”

“I see. Presumably you came directly to me to ask something?” the Mayor asked.

“Yes. You need to convene a meeting of the Council immediately. There are some important things they all need to hear.” Meela informed her. The Mayor nodded.

“I’ll send word to everyone. We can try to get everyone here in two hours. Does that suit you?” the Mayor responded. Meela nodded at her words. The Mayor went back to her office to arrange everything.

Two hours later the Council Room was filled with everyone who was on the Council as well as many onlookers who sat on the seats that ran along the walls. It was the most packed this room had ever been. The Mayor sat at the head of the table with an aide to her left and Meela on her right.

“I’ve convened this meeting as Meela, who is newly returned from the South, wishes to tell everyone about recent events in Yastell.” The Mayor addressed them. With that she graciously sat down and nodded at Meela. Meela stood up and looked at everyone’s expectant and eager faces as they all looked up at her.

“I was only meant to be in Yastell for a day or so, but I ended up being caught up in events down there. The first night I was there, there was a surprise attack launched by Tigreralatean forces. I helped defend the fortress but I was injured in the process. The enemy soldiers had a type of poison on their blades. It almost killed me. I’ve been given a list of ingredients for an antidote by a master healer. Yastell will need a lot of this if they’re going to be in a prolonged war with the Empire. They will need help with supply of it. I’m hoping the alchemists in this city can make a large quantity which we can send to them as well as what forces we can spare.” Meela produced a piece of parchment from out of her bag. She handed it to the Mayor.

“As long as there are no scarce ingredients needed it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to mass produce this antidote, so long as we get enough of us to help, and there aren’t other things we need to make as well.” Said Tobias, a tall gangling human who was one of the city’s alchemists. He always looked rather singed due to the continual explosions in his workshop.

“That’s good to know.” Meela responded.

“What’s the size of Tigreralat’s army down there?” asked an onlooker. Meela turned to them.

“It’s hard to tell. When they attacked it was dark, so it was hard to see their overall strength. After the attack they were over the border in a neighbouring kingdom behind fortifications, so it was difficult to gauge the complete size of their forces. I know they are currently waiting for reinforcements.” Meela informed them. “They also have help. I know Larantel are sending them forces. There are also Dwarves helping them. They’ve been helping with digging tunnels and also helped blow up some of the fortifications with their explosives during the night of the battle. Were you aware of that Mukkon? That some of your people are helping them?” Mukkon looked at Meela with a bemused expression.

“My people live in communities that are scattered across the world. I don’t know them all or what all of them are doing. If some are helping the Empire then I’m sure they are being well paid for it. I don’t automatically assume that you know what all half-elves in the world are doing Meela.” Mukkon chided her.

“Well there aren’t many of us half-elves around and as most of them are outcasts like me they are probably doing much the same as I am doing. So maybe it’s not an apt comparison.” Meela shot back at him.

“Could you two please keep it civil.” the Mayor cut in.

“Yes sorry I forgot who I was talking to Meela. The sorceress who just flew to us here on the back of an Elder Dragon. Everyone here now thinks you are the chosen one! Well, almost everyone.” Mukkon responded with a dark look at her. Meela returned the look back at him.

“What else happened there Meela?” asked Lemwas trying to change the subject.

“Well I traveled to the city of Ankallat. There I met Omuka, the healer who healed me and gave me the antidote. I also met the Dragon there who brought me back here.” Meela added.

“If they have Elder Dragons hanging around there, do they really need our support?” Mukkon asked churlishly.

“He was waiting for me apparently.” Meela responded.

“Of course he was.” Mukkon replied rolling his eyes.

“Can the Dragon help us against Tigreralat?” the Mayor asked.

“I’m not sure.” Meela replied. “Dragons tend to do their own thing. Our pathways seldom cross theirs. But I do have some leverage with this dragon that could be worth exploring.” Meela told them.

“Which is…?” Asked Gunduk looking up at her with great interest. She was a human sage who seldom contributed to the discussion. Dragon-lore was one of her interests.

“I’d rather not say at this moment.” Meela replied.

“Of course.” Mukkon added. Meela shot him another dark look.

“Well is there anything else that’s constructive to be said?” The Mayor asked. There was silence. Everyone seemed to be in their own thoughts. “Okay then. I will talk to the alchemists about this antidote and see what they can do.”

After the meeting Meela returned to the Crimson Vengeance. It felt good to be back on her ship. She went down the steps that led to her cabin. She ran into Bronwyn on the way there.

“Good to see you again boss. I’ve been worrying about your absence and what to do if you didn’t return.” Bronwyn said while appraising her. She looked a bit concerned at Meela’s condition.

“I ended up having a bit of an adventure down there. It wasn’t what I expected, but at least there were a few surprises.” Meela responded smiling, trying to put a brave face on it.

“Well the crew can be easily assembled if need be. We’re ready to go when you are.” Bronwyn informed her.

Meela acknowledged her words and continued to her cabin. She lay down on her bed. She smelt all the familiar smells that greeted her like an old friend and finally felt some peace. How she had missed all this. Her cabin was the only place that felt like a home to her. She gently fell asleep.

When she was awoke she felt extremely hungry. She grabbed what food she could find in the galley and took it back to her room. After finishing off the cheese, hard bread, and salted pork she lay back on her bed again and brought out her pipe from her bag. She lay back and smoked, filling the cabin full of bluish smoke from the tobacco. She considered everything that had happened over the last few days and what needed to be done. While in these thoughts there was a knock on the door.

“Yes?” She called out. The door opened and Kara stuck her head through the doorway.

“Good to see you back Captain.” She said. “I was a bit worried.”

“Evidently it seems like everyone was. I had a few unexpected adventures. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.” Meela informed her. Kara walked into the room towards her.

“I just wanted to know when do you think we will be heading off?” Kara asked, her green eyes fixating on her.

“We’ll be going soon, but I want to check up on Caelynn first.” Meela answered. At the mention of Caelynn, Kara rolled her eyes.

“Can’t we just let her go? She’s where she’s supposed to be, with people of her own level. Why not leave her be? She’s not one of us. She’ll never be a pirate.” Kara declared.

“Is that so?” Meela asked coolly.

“Yes I think it is. And I’m not the only one who thinks this.” Kara informed her.

“Well if you, or the others, were captain of this ship then your opinions on this would matter. But as it is me who’s the captain, it is my concern who I have on this on ship and who I don’t. If you’re not happy with my decision, you are free to go.” Meela informed her. Kara didn’t look pleased with Meela’s words.

“I didn’t say I wanted to leave this ship! I just don’t think she belongs here.” Kara said.

“Well I love her and who I choose to be in a relationship with are ultimately none of your business.” Meela stated.

“But why her? You have nothing in common. I’m also a half-elf and a pirate like you. We have much more in common. How come you you’ve never been interested in me? We could be good for each other.” Kara said with a querulous tone. Meela sighed. Not this again.

“We’ve been here before haven’t we? You’re my Second Mate on this ship. You’re good at your job and I value you as an important member of my crew, but that’s where it ends. I don’t have feelings for you. Maybe things would have been easier if I did, but it’s not the case. I appreciate all you do here, but if you can’t do your job here because of your feelings for me and who I choose to spend my time with, then maybe you should find another crew to be with. You’re welcome to stay, but maybe you should think about it.” Meela said to her in as gentle a tone as possible. Kara just looked at her with tears starting to form and then quickly left the cabin without a word.

Meela sighed deeply and buried her head in her hands. That was awkward. After dwelling on it for a while and realising there was little that could be done about it for now, she slowly fell back to sleep.

When she awoke again it was dark. She got out of bed and lit a lantern, filling the room with a soft yellow light. She felt more rested. While she still wasn’t at full strength she prepared to teleport to Salané. She was mostly confident she would get there. She waved her hands focusing and could then feel herself shifting from one place to another. When she opened her eyes she was outside the grounds of the Imperial Palace. She felt like all of her energy was sapped and collapsed onto the ground for a while. It was dark, but from here she could see Caelynn’s window and there was light.

Joanne Fisher

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If you ever wondered where I get my ideas from… When I was writing part 17 of this story I decided there would be a desert wurm attack. Around the same time (and still ongoing) the local supermarket was being renovated and you could see up in the roof  spaces and this is what I saw which helped me decide what these wurms would look like 😉

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Smoking Cigarettes (poem)

Smoking Cigarettes

it’s those 1940s films

that are to blame, I’m sure –

the way the dame with long dark hair

demurely smokes the burning cigarette

she balances gently with thin black gloves

inhaling the smoke so nonchalantly

while being asked questions

from the private detective

though the film is monochrome

you imagine she has bright red lipstick

she has lost something: a lover, a friend,

a relative, some expensive piece of jewellery

he will eventually solve the puzzle

seeing patterns in the rising smoke

though many will die in the process

the detective is world-worn, street-smart,

& straight-talking

he smokes in short bursts

& has a bottle of whisky

in the second drawer of his desk

they will become lovers,

he will eventually discover

she is the femme fatale

leading others through webs of treachery

& deceit, she dies

in tragic circumstances…

everyone seemed to smoke then

when the world was black & white

watching them, I can’t help but


Joanne Fisher

I wrote this when I still smoked. This is a homage to film noir which I have always had a liking for. Everyone in them smokes and it doesn’t seem to matter where they are.

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