Second Letter (poem)

Avalanche Falls, Arthur’s Pass National Park

Second Letter

you've been back
in this country a

year now & still I
wait to see you

all I have received
is a letter telling me

you did the St. James
again with some friends

you made overseas I 
remember when we did

that same track together
tramping through matagouri

thickets & cold swollen
streams where I kept losing

my footing but you were
always there ensuring I

didn't get swept away
tumbling down mountains

to the sea
I need that -

someone who is there
to catch me & grab hold

before I fall

Joanne Fisher

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

Winterland (poem)



did i tell you
i was cold

in winter everything
has no opponent

my naked feet
slip over old 


what surprising lack
of depth -

shallow streams directly
from the snowline
brimmed with sharp

the frost of our distances

my love
aren't you frozen

like me?

Joanne Fisher

Part 1 was first published in plainwraps no.5

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

The Direction of the Road (poem)

The Direction of the Road

we follow the road
not exactly knowing
where it leads us...

to black tunnels rolling into
the strata of Earth's crust or
to weaving black hawks
tearing up the blue sky

the wind tousling your
marram grass hair

now you are drumming
your bone fingers
on a red formica table
nervous energy
you say
as a thin clear light
dances through this café
we discuss a thing
called love & other

perhaps we are lost

in these deep sea-green

lost like poems

unable to rise
out of sleep

Joanne Fisher

First published in Takahe no.38

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

Lewis Pass (poem)

Lewis Pass

you and I
lying together in the darkness
individually wrapped
in our sleeping bags
the heavy rain
on the corrugated roof
of our tramping hut
today we stomped over
river flats & paddocks
in some alternate dimension
where the stars are lanterns
fixed in the sky by angels &
the sun orbits the Earth
after swapping stories
of past lovers
we reached across the spaces
between our distant bodies
& held on to one another's hands
in the darkness
through the night
the rain falling
you & I
strangers to each other's
the rain exploding
above our heads
& slowly filling
the river beyond

Joanne Fisher

First published in The Christchurch Press

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

Falling in Love (poem)

Falling in Love

it's those smiles she beams at you
when she serves flat-whites & toasted bagels
that makes you notice her

her face shimmers as if
under the layer of her skin
there is a clear light
making her translucent

eventually you muster the courage
to ask her out fearful
her face might suddenly
succumb to frost

when she says "Yes!"
your heart detonates

the world opens up into light
as if you so willed it
you could just float away
& walk among pristine white clouds
the tides rising in your heart
you grin like the village idiot

you go out to the movies
& walk home with her
the dark hides you both as you hold hands
as cars race furiously past

then on porch
your arms wrap around each other
as the night enfolds the hills

you hope this will be
a happy ever after

Joanne Fisher

This poem was first published in Catalyst 1

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

Morning Love (poem)

Morning Love

I can feel summer coming
bursting the flowers open
warming the old bones
of the earth

above a fighter jet sears
a long white scar on an
unblemished cerulean 

this morning we have
scrambled eggs together
a golden yellow on
wholemeal toast
after we had been
through the night
consuming each other

the new light floods
through the windows
reflecting in your burning
sapphire eyes and shimmering
blonde hair


roll that word around
 succinctly in your mouth
for a while

on a morning like this
it tastes so sweet

Joanne Fisher

First published in Spin no.39

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

Trying to do the Right Thing (poem)

Trying to do the Right Thing

she tells me about 
the problems with
her girlfriend, & all
I'm thinking about
how beautiful she is
while trying not to
stray by running my
hand through her
long brown hair &
slowly sliding down
her huddled back as
she smokes cigarettes
& gazes out at the garden
in front of us, instead
I give her advice
that goes against
my own heart

Joanne Fisher

This poem was previously published on this blog in 2019 in a different form.

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

First Letter (poem)

First Letter

It is only now

we have the

Tasman Sea

between us

I can safely say

I love you,

you write saying

you’re making burgers

for redneck hippies

& washing dishes

feeling like Siddhartha

becoming a merchant,

there are compensations –

bats & wallabies, strange

insects, gliding pygmy

possums & two metre

carpet pythons

the ocean is now

a part of your life

like a lover breathing

softly beside you,

here in Christchurch

I don’t hear the sea

boiling in my ears

anymore though

beaches are nearby,

our creativity saves us –

we do what we have to

& not let the bullshit

swallow us whole

I was never sure of

the way I stood on the earth

my shadow spirals

around me

gripping me

at the throat,

you write to say

you don’t love me

in that way

but your incandescence

breaks my darkness

you allow me

to breathe again

& I write you love poems

because you deserve it

Joanne Fisher

This was originally published in the journal JAAM and was first published in this blog in August 2018. It’s gone through a severe edit since then…

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher

Confines (poem/repost)


today I’m at South Brighton

walking along the foaming sand

watching the escalator

waves roll in


I’m holding my camera tightly

as if you were contained

within its body

& you are


we were in the garden

& I was storing images

your rare smiles


for a single


the flurry of movement



all I have is

a dozen blurred pictures

of your embarrassed

shy smiles

trying to escape

the lens

Joanne Fisher

This was first posted on my blog in January 2018. The poem was originally published in Glottis.

Tomorrow morning I finally move into my new flat. I’m feeling a bit nervous about it all, and I’m hoping it all goes okay. I’m also rapidly running out of funds…

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher