On the Run 7 (fiction)

On the Run


The blows from the Inquisitor’s lightsaber forced Sadeya backwards. He was definitely much stronger then she was. She parried with her lightsaber, but each blow from him almost wrenched it out her hands. As he brought another blow down on her, she unexpectedly sidestepped it and his blade instead hit a container. Sadeya counterattacked, but he quickly spun round and parried her blow. He was much stronger than her, but she was more agile. Know your opponents strengths, and your own, for once you know these, then you are more evenly matched, Master Ordol had told her.

“Do you think you can defeat me with just brute strength?” Sadeya asked. The Inquisitor smiled. His yellow reptilian eyes stared directly at her.

“For a padawan, you are more skilled than I had expected. Master Ordol taught you well. This might be a decent fight after all.” The Inquisitor replied. “Of course if you join us, I can complete your training.”

“Never.” Sadeya responded defiantly.

“I can feel your anger. It must have been so difficult to have been abandoned by the Jedi and trying to survive on your own all this time. There is darkness in you, I can feel it. Join with me and I will spare your friend. I know you have feelings for her.”

“No!” Sadeya shouted. She launched an attack at him, but he parried it with ease. He smiled again.

“That’s more like it! I can feel your hatred. Let out your anger, and you will be more powerful.” The Inquisitor taunted. Their blades met. He pushed her back again. “It’s the only way to defeat me.” As he attacked, Sadeya dodged and swung her blade round. Again, he quickly parried her, but her blade skipped onto his lower arm making a small cut. The Inquisitor laughed.

“Why are you Sith always overconfident? You think hate and anger is the only path to victory, when clearly it isn’t.” Sadeya told him.

“Why do you Jedi think you can only win without the Dark Side?” The Inquisitor countered. He launched another attack at her. She parried, but was driven back until she hit a wall. “You have nowhere to go.” He began a series of savage blows against her, and the only thing she could do was parry them. While he showed no sign of tiring, she knew she was. It was only a matter of time until he broke through her defences… Then unexpectedly there was a laser blast. It had come from Will’s light transport. Losa must have opened fire on him with the ship’s gun. While the Inquisitor was momentarily stunned, Sadeya chopped off his right arm. His arm fell to the ground still holding on to his lightsaber. Before he could react, Sadeya then drove her blade into his head. The Inquisitor’s lifeless body collapsed before her. Sadeya sighed, and then collapsed herself. She lay there shaking as Losa ran over, and helped her up to her feet.

“We’ve got to go now!” Losa urged. She supported Sadeya as they walked over to the spaceship. Sadeya reflected The Inquisitor had not considered Losa a threat, and that was his downfall in the end. Maybe love and friendship was more important than the Sith realised.

to be continued….

Joanne Fisher

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On the Run 6 (fiction)

On the Run


Sadeya stood up looking at Will’s body which lay lifeless on the floor. She brushed the tears from her face while watching Losa still crying uncontrollably over him.

“I’ve got to go now.” Sadeya said. Losa looked up at her uncomprehendingly.

“You can’t just leave me here alone!” Losa cried out.

“If I don’t go, that Inquisitor will come back and kill us both.”

“Then take me with you.” Losa demanded. Sadeya shook her head.

“No I’m bad luck for anyone around me.” She said looking down at Will’s body again.

“We can use my father’s freighter. I can pilot it. At least let’s get off this planet and then decide what to do. If you leave me here, then they might come back and kill me anyway.” Losa explained through her tears. Sadeya thought on it.

“Okay we’ll both get off the planet and then decide what to do.” Sadeya offered. Losa packed up a few things and gave her last respects to her father. Then they both left the building.

They did their best to get to the docking bay unseen, despite the increased Imperial presence at the spaceport. They stuck close to buildings, used back alleyways, and even joined large throngs of people when it was possible. Eventually they got the docking bay that housed Will’s light freighter completely undetected. It sat there still fully loaded up and ready to go. Will had planned to leave later this day. They both ran to the ship.

“I knew you’d come here!’ A deep voice boomed out. Both Sadeya and Losa stopped in their tracks and spun round. There he was, the Sith Inquisitor, waiting there in the shadows for them. Sadeya looked at him. He had dark red skin and yellow eyes. He was taller than them and his thick arms looked as though they were solid muscle. He seemed to have no hair on his body and though he was humanoid, he seemed slightly reptilian.

“Losa, get to the ship and take off!” Sadeya ordered. Losa ran to the freighter. “I’ll deal with him.” The Inquisitor advanced on them.

“I knew he was lying. All I had to do was wait here for you to turn up eventually.” His deep voice reverberated through the docking bay. “Be assured, once I get rid of you, I will also kill your friend.”

“You’ll have to get through me first.” Sadeya said defiantly. The Inquisitor smiled.

“If that is your destiny.” He replied. Sadeya brought out her lightsaber and stood ready.

“Bring it on then!” She stated.

“Foolish girl! I know you were only a Padawan when Master Ordol was executed. You offer no threat to me. Surrender and I will spare the life of your friend.” The Inquisitor offered. “I’ll even complete your training, if you so wish.”

“The Sith are my enemy.” Sadeya stated. The Inquisitor looked slightly disappointed with her reply.

“Then I will destroy you.” The Inquisitor replied. He ignited his lightsaber. It shone a deep red. In response, Sadeya ignited hers; the green blade sharply contrasted with his. They advanced upon one another.

to be continued…

Joanne Fisher

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On the Run 5

On the Run


“Open up in the name of the Empire!” The loud banging on the door continued. Sadeya, Will, and Losa stood there momentarily frozen in horror.

“Quick follow me!” Will suddenly said as he grabbed hold of Sadeya’s arm. He led her to another room and kneeled down to open a concealed hatch in the floor. “Get down there and don’t make a sound.” Sadeya followed his directions and found herself in a small room below the house. Will closed the hatch and she was left in complete darkness. Listening, she heard Will and Losa walk towards the front door. It was then opened and she heard a number of footsteps come through into the house. She guessed they were stormtroopers searching the house for her, but then there was a heavier footstep and with it came a sense of dread. Sadeya suddenly felt cold and she tried her best to block her presence; she knew something evil was above.

“We are searching for a fugitive Jedi. A girl by the name of Sadeya Tatvea.” said a rather coarse deep voice.

“Well she’s not here.” Will replied.

“A girl matching her description has been seen helping you with your shipments and also living here.”

‘There was a Frifac. She helped us for a while, but then moved on.” Will told him.

“Where did she go?” the menacing voice asked.

“I don’t know. She saved up enough credits to go to another system. She caught a transport, but I don’t know where to.”

“Did she ever mention where she was planning to go?”

“I know she was wanting to go to Corellia, as I think that’s where she was from. That’s the only place she ever mentioned.”

“Corellia? Really? Is that the best you can do?”

“What do you mean?” Will asked perplexed.

“Everything you have said to me has been a lie. Why are you protecting a traitor to the Empire? Are you one yourself?” The voice asked with even more added menace.

“Of course not.” Will answered. Sadeya thought she heard the hum of a lightsaber.

“You are a liar and a traitor!” the voice shouted. Sadeya heard Losa scream and then the thud of something falling onto the floor. “I can feel her presence here, so she must still be close. Search the streets nearby!” She heard Losa wailing as the evil presence withdrew.

Once the sound of footsteps had dissipated, Sadeya cautiously climbed up to the hatch and opened it. She slid out and crept to the doorway. Looking around into the hallway she saw Will’s body lying on the floor with Losa sitting over him wailing. She crept closer and saw there was a lightsaber-sized hole in Will’s chest where his heart would have been. Emotions began flood through her as she kneeled beside his lifeless body.

“I should never have come here. This is all my fault.” Sadeya said as tears began to fall.

to be continued…

Joanne Fisher

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