Please Help With #PitMad

It’s #PitMad time again on Twitter and I’m doing another pitch for My Life in Darkness novel. If you’re on Twitter could you please retweet my #PitMad idea. Please don’t like the tweet as that’s for the agents/editors/publishers to do if they’re interested in the pitch.

My Twitter is @joannefisher63.

Thanks 🙂

Pitch Wars Help Needed

I’m currently participating in #PitMad and have a tweet pitching my novel My Life in Darkness.

#PitMad is where writers pitch an unpublished novel to agents or editors who make requests to see the work by liking the tweet. So please don’t like the tweet, as that is for agents and editors to do. You can read more about it here: PitMad

If you wish to help me and you’re on Twitter, please consider retweeting my tweet to help signal boost it. My Twitter is @joannefisher63.

Thanks for your help 🙂