Solace (senryu)


trying to find solace

from the chaos

I lose myself in music

Joanne Fisher

2021 seems to be continuing where 2020 left off… I truly hope things will get better, though it may happen slower than expected. We all have our opinions and ways we see the world, but we should never bring harm on people we disagree with. We should be better than that.

Anyway here’s a song I recently found by Dion, who is someone I don’t really know much about, with Paul Simon (whose music I have listened to since I was a kid). This song is about Dion being on tour with Sam Cooke in 1962, two years before he was murdered. A lot of the music I listen to tends to be roots music such as folk, blues, and country…

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher

Marginal (poem)


your feelings were

marginal at best

so you lost

someone who

really loved you

while I lost

someone who was



so tell me who was

the real loser here?

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 31

This was written with the prompt marginal provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #190.

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher

Darkness III (poem)

Darkness III

the black dog

visits, an

old familiar

friend, most

are with


they love, yet

all i have

is this, just

my demons

working me

over, left

to myself

my music

cradles me

Joanne Fisher

I had plans to do my 2020 review, but I’m not in any state to do that right now. Maybe tomorrow…

As WordPress chooses to publish my poetry with no stanza breaks, no matter what I try, here are were the breaks are: the second stanza begins with “friend, most”, the third stanza begins with “they love, yet”, the fourth stanza begins with “me demons”, and the last stanza begins “to myself”. Every three lines basically…

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

At Graeme’s (poem/repost)

At Graeme’s

the sun is here

but the cold wind blows

through the living room


I stare out onto

a landscape

forever falling away

tiers of corrugated rooftops

& granite buildings

to a sawdust harbour

Dunedin sprawls

like a crumpled jersey

looking down or up

there’s always something

to see…

soft jazz on the stereo

& you sit tapping away

on your laptop

about climbing rocks

I am living on muesli bars

& honey nut logs

we are filling our time

with lines on pages


Joanne Fisher

This poem was originally published in the anthology Climbing the Flame Tree and first appeared on this blog in December 2017.

I bet when I publish this WordPress will condense this poem into one stanza as it is doing with all my poetry posts these days. If it does (and probably will) the second stanza starts at the line “soft jazz on the stereo”.

Dunedin is the second largest city in the South Island (Christchurch being the largest). It’s built on hills and has some of the steepest urban streets in the world. Occasionally I would visit friends there.

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher

Example (poem)


The elf had preached open defiance

of the mean tyrant Man in Red

to rise up from their slavery of

making toys until they were dead

but Santa had got wind of

the elf’s rebellious words and deeds

so, as an example, crucified

him then and there, to snuff out seeds

of rebellion, by making others watch

him tie this elf to the lamppost

as a warning to never disobey

his words, or else they would be toast

instead, the other elves began

to talk among themselves and

plotting in secrecy planned

to kick Santa out of their land

Santa did not realise his cruel

reign of terror was coming to an end

from now on his days were numbered

with him gone, the elves would be on the mend

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 132

Don’t take this too seriously….

This is my second take on the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #110.

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher

First Letter (poem)

First Letter

It is only now

we have the

Tasman Sea

between us

I can safely say

I love you,

you write saying

you’re making burgers

for redneck hippies

& washing dishes

feeling like Siddhartha

becoming a merchant,

there are compensations –

bats & wallabies, strange

insects, gliding pygmy

possums & two metre

carpet pythons

the ocean is now

a part of your life

like a lover breathing

softly beside you,

here in Christchurch

I don’t hear the sea

boiling in my ears

anymore though

beaches are nearby,

our creativity saves us –

we do what we have to

& not let the bullshit

swallow us whole

I was never sure of

the way I stood on the earth

my shadow spirals

around me

gripping me

at the throat,

you write to say

you don’t love me

in that way

but your incandescence

breaks my darkness

you allow me

to breathe again

& I write you love poems

because you deserve it

Joanne Fisher

This was originally published in the journal JAAM and was first published in this blog in August 2018. It’s gone through a severe edit since then…

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher

Kaikoura Rave (haibun)

Kaikoura Rave

My friends are on acid, moving in worlds I cannot penetrate. On the beach I build a driftwood throne so like Canute I can command the waves as they foam ashore. Kaikoura is a place to see whales and dolphins, or stone formations. Tonight the otherworld permeates the warm air; primeval rhythms pulse from the trees as everyone dances an invocation…

a new sun


the sky

Joanne Fisher

This was originally published on my blog in April 2018 in a slightly different form.

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher