Slasher (flash fiction)


I smacked him in the head with the baseball bat I had found. He fell over and dropped his axe. His mask, however, stayed in place. I so wanted to lift that mask off to see who it was, but I was also terrified to get nearer to him. So I dropped my bat and ran to the fence instead, then started to climb up. I knew I had to get out of here.

That thing had already killed most of my friends, and I wondered whether I was the final girl who defeats him in the end and lives to fight another day, or was I the one who almost escapes, but doesn’t? It was raining heavily now with occasional bursts of lightning and thunder in the distance. My hands and feet slipped on the chain link fence as I tried to climb up, and then suddenly, I felt his vice-like ice cold hands on my right leg as he pulled me back down. I landed abruptly on the ground, and before I could get up, I saw he was now towering over me with his axe ready to swing…

Joanne Fisher

This was a piece of flash fiction I wrote a while ago. I decided to rewrite some of it and republish it, as I thought it could have been done slightly better. I do have a liking for slasher films….

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©️2023 Joanne Fisher


Bodies (flash fiction)


“So what can you tell me?” The Chief Inspector asked.

“It’s a burial ground for a large number of bodies. The oldest date back twenty years, some are recent. This city has had a serial killer for the last two decades we knew nothing about.”

“I guess it’ll be a while before any of them are identified.”

“We’re still digging up more bones. We have no idea how many people are buried there.”

“Okay good work. Carry on.”

“Yes Sir.”

The Chief Inspector walked to his car. He would have to find somewhere else to bury the bodies now.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 99

This was written with the prompt bones provided by the Carrot ranch October 24 Story Challenge.

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

The Cellar (flash fiction)

The Cellar

I awoke with a start. I was in a white room lying on a table. A figure was inserting a tube into my arm, and once done, I watched my blood slowly go down this tube and into a glass receptacle below.

“What the hell?” I cried out. The figure turned around and beheld me. They were dressed from head to toe in a hazmat suit. Through the mask I could see their skin was very pale.

“Relax. I’m just extracting your blood. The process won’t take long.” the figure said.

“What are you? Some sort of vampire?” I asked as I struggled to get up, but I appeared to be strapped down to the table.

“Yes.” they replied.

“Don’t you normally bite people’s necks?”

“But if your body is ever recovered, bite marks on the neck would be a giveaway that we possibly exist, and so far through the long ages we have avoided having our existence become known.” they told me.

“Are you taking all my blood?” I asked. My heart was beating quickly with my rising sense of terror.

“Yes soon I’ll have around five litres of your exquisite blood stored away. Then I’ll dispose of your body.”

“If you are a vampire, then you’re all just glorified serial killers in the end, aren’t you?” I said accusingly while starting to feel dizzy. The figure did not respond, instead they checked the blood-flow. “What if I scream?” They shrugged their shoulders.

“You’re in a sound-proofed cellar. No one will hear you, but scream away if you must.”

“Why me?” Again they shrugged their shoulders.

“I guess you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.” They said. “You’ll be losing consciousness shortly.”

“Please let me go.” I pleaded. “I won’t tell anyone about this.” Everything around me was growing hazy. My eyes were losing focus.

“Goodnight.” they said. Slowly everything went dark.

Joanne Fisher

I’m not sure where all these nasty little stories in my head come from….

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

A Familiar Face (flash fiction)

A Familiar Face

I headed to Anna’s place, as she had invited me over for dinner. We had only been dating for a short time, but already I had fallen deeply in love with her.

“Come in love.” She said when I arrived. We went to her living room.

“You hear they’ve found another victim of the Faceless Killer?” I asked her. They were called the Faceless Killer since they peeled off the faces of all their victims and took them as a trophy. Anna went over to her drinks cabinet.

“No I hadn’t. What do you want? I was going to have a whiskey.” She asked.

“I’ll have a whiskey too thanks. Anyway it’s the twelfth victim now. I wonder what they do with all the faces they take? The police still have no idea of the identity of the killer.” Anna began to pour the drinks. “You were out last night. It was fortunate you didn’t end up being the killer’s next victim.”

“I was on the other side of the city from where it happened.” She replied.

“But I thought you hadn’t heard about it?”

“I must have forgotten I had. ” Anna told me.

“Anyway no one knows where it happened. The killer murders their victims elsewhere and then moves the bodies to where they’ll be found.” I replied. Anna shook her head.

“Maybe I’m just confused about it.” She laughed. She came over with two glasses. I took the nearest one and we clinked the glasses together. “It’s great to have you over.” I gulped down the whiskey in one go. It had a bitter aftertaste. I screwed up my nose.

“I’m not sure I like that whiskey.” I said. She laughed.

“Can I show you something?” She asked as she took my hand.

“Sure.” I replied. She led me to her basement. We went down the stairs and I was instantly hit with the smell of bleach and other chemicals. Her basement was full of benches and what looked to be medical equipment. “What do you do in here?

“I do taxidermy. It’s sort of a hobby.” She answered. She led me through a door and we came into what looked to be an underground study. On the opposite wall were eleven faces with holes where the eyes were. She selected one and put it over her face. “I turn them into masks. I haven’t finished the latest one yet.” I was stunned. I could not believe what I was seeing.

“You’re insane!” I told her. She took the mask off and put it back on the wall.

“Maybe.” She said shrugging her shoulders.

“I’m going to call the police.” I said. She turned round and looked at me.

“Oh are you my sweet?” She said beginning to advance on me.

“I am.” I replied defiantly. My vision was starting to get blurry. As I backed away I stumbled. She laughed.

“I think the poison I put in your drink is starting to kick in. You won’t be calling anyone, my dear.” I fell to the floor finding it difficult to move, or even breathe. Anna stood over me. She then kneeled. “You’re so pretty.” She said as she lightly stroked my skin. “It’ll be nice to see a familiar face every time I look up at my wall from now on.”

Joanne Fisher

I think you have to be a little twisted to write stuff like this…

I’ve spent most of the day in bed due to my back. In fact I wrote this story in bed on my phone. Today is the day I usually go supermarket shopping, but I was unable to. On Facebook I appealed to friends and family to pick some things up for me that I needed, and what do you think the response was? Silence. Absolute silence…

This was written with the prompt Day 5 – A Familiar Face provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain (volume ii).

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher