Flash Fiction Challenge#7: The End



Thanks to everyone who participated in last months challenge.

This month is about the end, not the end of the world, but the end of a novel. Some novels can end abruptly, or with a philosophical reflection, or with a summation of previous events, or even a foreshadowing of a further story. However it occurs, one thing is assured: the story you’ve been currently reading or writing comes to a finish.

This month I want you to write the last paragraph of a novel you will probably never write. You can make it funny, silly, or even dead serious if you want to. There is no word limit, so make it as long (or short) as you require. Above all, have some fun with it.

If you do take part please leave a link to it in the comments below, or a pingback.


My attempt:


The Fires of Anger – final paragraph


Sylvia stood on the hilltop and looked down at the town below. The town was now completely on fire. All the people that had ever been nasty or horrid to her were now burning in those flames. Sylvia smiled. It is said that some people just want to watch the world burn, and Sylvia was definitely one of those people. Nothing made her happier than seeing the people she didn’t like, along with their homes, burning in flames. Once the town had burned down to her satisfaction, she loaded up her jeep with some new canisters of gasoline and got a fresh box of matches out of her glove compartment. Sylvia rubbed her hands together in glee. She was now ready for another adventure. She started up the engine and drove off in the direction of the next town.


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