Fixing the Car? (flash fiction)

Fixing the Car?

“What you doing?” Cindy asked.

“The car won’t start.” Jess told her as she examined the car engine.

“So why not call a mechanic?”

“They’re too expensive. Besides, I fix the tractor regularly.”

“Yes fix it regularly, because it keeps breaking down. Do you even have the right tools?” Cindy asked.

“Of course I do. Anyway I believe it’s fixed, see if you can start it.” Jess suggested. Cindy got in the front seat and turned the key, but nothing happened. “Okay, maybe it’s something else?” Cindy rolled her eyes. What would it take for Jess to admit defeat?

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt tools provided by the Carrot Ranch November 18 Flash Fiction Challenge.

I’ve been ill over the last few days which is why I haven’t been writing much. I’m feeling a bit better tonight and hoping this is going to continue.

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