Awake (flash fiction)



I awoke. It was pitch black and slowly it dawned on me I was in a coffin. I opened it to find I was in my family’s vault. The last thing I remembered was falling asleep in my bed. What had happened? I arose from the coffin and walked out into the night. I was so hungry.

Joanne Fisher

Word count 56 + prompt

This was written with the prompt vault provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #180.

After writing The Dead Dance I thought of this:

“Would you like a Bloody Nicola?’

“Don’t you mean Bloody Mary?”

“No, we’ve run out of Mary.”

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©2020 Joanne Fisher

The Dead Dance (Day 11, flash fiction)


The Dead Dance

Millie got ready. She applied makeup to make her skin look pallid, and then darkened her eyes. Tonight she was going to The Dead Dance, and she was going as a corpse.

She had received the invitation in the mail. The invitation was on black card with crimson writing that shimmered when you moved the card. Apparently the Dance was very prestigious and was invite only. How she got invited she had no idea, but she was thrilled to be going.

The Dead Dance was held in an old mansion on the edge of town every Halloween. She had no transport of her own, so she traveled by bus part of the way and walked the rest while getting the occasional odd look from passers by, despite it being Halloween. When she arrived at the mansion, there stood a single man by the entrance wearing a dark suit, as she approached he looked down on her.

“Invitation?” He asked as she walked up to him. He held his right hand out before her. Millie handed him the black card, though she was sorry to let it go.

“There you are.” She said. The man smiled at her. It was a cold smile that made her shiver.

“Excellent!” He replied. “You may go through, my lady.”  He swept his hands towards the entrance rather theatrically. Millie walked through.

Millie thought the place was incredible. The mansion was full of wood paneling and rather ancient looking artifacts. The dance itself, was held in a huge ballroom. A string quartet was playing waltzes and almost the entire floor was full of people dancing. Millie thought their costumes were spectacular.  It seemed as though a lot of people had decided to come as vampires, and Millie marveled at how well their costumes had been done. It made her own look silly and childish.

“Care to dance miss?” Asked a man dressed as a vampire, holding his hand out to her.

“Sure.” She replied, and the next thing she knew she was swept up and suddenly in the midst of it all. She didn’t really know how dance a waltz, though she did her best to fake it, it must have been painfully obvious to her partner she didn’t know how, but still he skillfully guided among the throng. His hands were so cold. Millie wondered if he had problems with his circulation.

After what seemed like hours of dancing, Millie managed to free herself and took a break. She felt tired and thirsty. She went to the bar and asked for a drink.

“How about a Bloody Mary?” The bartender suggested.

“Okay.” She replied. She took the drink and took a sip, and almost immediately spat it back out. It tasted atrocious! It was as if they had made it with actual blood… Then she found herself dancing again. Her head was spinning.

At midnight the dancing abruptly stopped. A tall blonde pale woman wearing a long red dress stood on the dais at the end of the room.

“It is now midnight! It’s time for the Big Reveal!” She called out among the revelers. They replied with clapping and cheering. Behind her the cloth covering the back wall came down revealing a mirror that covered the entire wall. To Millie’s shock, she could only see herself and handful of others in the mirror, though in reality she was surrounded by people. She looked at them and found many were now in a circle around her, all looking at her hungrily with their fangs out.

“And now it’s time for the End of Dance Feeding!” the woman on the dais exclaimed.

Joanne Fisher

The ending of this is sort of stolen from the film The Fearless Vampire Killers (aka The Dance of the Dead) where at the end of the film there is a dance in which the protagonists are disguised as vampires only to be undone by the mirror on the wall, in which the actual vampires become aware the protagonists can be seen in it… It’s a bit of an uneven film, but I remember seeing in on TV when I was 11 and really loving it.

This was written with the prompt Day 11 – The Dead Dance provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.


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©2020 Joanne Fisher

Truth or Dare? (Day 10, flash fiction)



Truth or Dare?


The two of them sat in the dark room.

“Truth or dare?” one of them suddenly said.


“Okay, go next door and feed on the next door neighbour without charming them.”

“But they’ll scream and be heard.”

“That’s the point.” The other raised their eyebrows.

“Okay.” they said and quickly left. A short time later screaming could be heard. They came back with blood streaming from their mouth. “My turn now. Truth or dare?”


“Make a video of yourself saying you’re a vampire, showing your fangs at the end, and then post it on YouTube.”

“Fine.” They took out their phone. “I’m a vampire!’ they said and then bared their fangs. They then tapped on their phone screen a few times. “Done! My turn. Truth or dare?”


“Run around the block screaming out “I am a vampire!” as many times as you can.”

“Right!” They got up and left the house. Repeated shouting of “I am a vampire!” could be heard, at first growing fainter, and then getting louder again. They came back into the room and sat down again. “Truth or dare?” they asked.

“Truth!” the other replied.

“Why do you hang out with me doing this so often?” they asked, still taken aback they had chosen truth.

“Because I like spending time with you.” the other replied.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt Day 10 – Truth or Dare provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.




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©2020 Joanne Fisher



Unexpected Guests (Day 8, flash fiction)




Unexpected Guests


Late one evening there was a loud knock on the door. Tom answered it to find two well-dressed strangers standing there. They both looked very pale.

“Excuse us for bothering you at this late hour, but we are your new neighbours. May we come in?” the man asked.

“Sure, come in. My wife and myself happen to be night owls too, so it’s no problem. Come in to our living room.”

“My thanks for your hospitality.” the man bowing slightly. He and the woman walked across the threshold.

“Darling our new next door neighbours are here.” Tom said as he walked into the living room followed by the two guests.

“Oh they haven’t moved into that frightful old mansion next door have they?” his wife asked.

“I think they have. This is my wife Katherine by the way.” Tom said. “Please sit down.” The couple sat down looking slightly uncomfortable.

“My name is Vlad, and this is my wife Svetlana.” Vlad said.

“Pleased to meet you!” Katherine replied. “Can we interest you in a drink?” She picked up a wine bottle.

“No thank you. We don’t drink… wine.” Vlad answered.

“Oh you’re teetotalers?” Katherine asked surprised.

“Not exactly.” Svetlana replied.

“Tell me why do you wear a cape?” Katherine asked Vlad.

“It’s part of my look.” Vlad told her.

“How interesting.”

“Anyway, we should go. We just came her to introduce ourselves really. I guess we’ll see you again shortly.” Vlad said suddenly standing up.

“Well drop in whenever you wish to. We’re often up all night it seems.” Tom informed him.

“Oh darling really!”

Vlad and Svetlana nodded to them and left. Tom closed the door behind them.

“What do you think?” Tom asked Katherine.

“I think they seemed a bit pretentious.” Katherine replied.

“But it might be useful having another vampire couple nearby.” Tom said. Katherine frowned.

“I guess we’ll see. More blood?” she asked holding up the bottle.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt Day 8 – Unexpected Guests provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.




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©2020 Joanne Fisher




Batts in the Belfry (flash fiction)



Batts in the Belfry


A guy I knew had recently converted an old church into a living space. After giving me a tour of the place, we ended up in the old bell tower.

“I found this area was very cold in winter, so I decided on getting some insulation installed, so now there are Pink Batts lining all the walls here which helps keep this place snug and warm.” he commented.

“So you’ve got Batts in the belfry then.” I replied and we both laughed.

“Very witty. By the way I’m actually a vampire.” he unexpectedly announced. He opened his mouth revealing his fangs.

Due to his excellent soundproofing, my screams were not heard.


Joanne Fisher


Pink Batts are a brand of insulation here. I have no idea if they’re also available in other countries.

This was written with the prompt Day 3 – Bats in the Belfry provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.




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©2020 Joanne Fisher

Dumb Vampires 11 (fiction)

Dumb Vampires


The three of them were watching television. Body bags were being brought out of Sarah’s house. There also seemed to be innumerable police there.

“No wonder I can’t get anyone to come over if they’re all watching this! What few friends are left anyways…” Sarah complained.

“I’m hungry! And we’re out of blood.” Britney replied. Freya sighed.

“Well I told you this would happen.” Freya reminded them. “I’ll go somewhere and bring back some food.”

“Can’t we just order in. Like for some pizza and eat the guy that delivers it.” Britney suggested.

“Missing pizza guys are one way they could find us. It’s better if I just randomly grab someone off the streets.” Freya answered.

“Well if you’re going out, could you bring back some tequila as well?” Britney asked.

“Tequila? You don’t need tequila. You’re a vampire now for goodness sake.” Freya told her.

“Yeah, but I want some tequila.” Britney responded.

“I wouldn’t mind some too.” Sarah chimed in. Freya sighed again. Maybe I should just get in the car and drive off, Freya thought.

“Fine. Sarah, you come with me and get the tequila, and I’ll take care of the sustenance.” Freya decided.

“Wahoo! Tequila!” Britney exclaimed while doing her little tequila dance, which consisted of her gyrating her body as she sang the world tequila.

“Come on Sarah.” Freya said as she walked towards the door.

“What about me?” Britney asked.

“You just hold the fort.” Freya advised. Britney screwed up her nose.

“Fort? I thought this was an apartment.” Britney replied.

“It’s an expression.” Freya told her while wanting to repeatedly smack her head on the door. She left the apartment with Sarah following.

Outside Freya noticed a car sitting there she hadn’t seen before. When they got to their own car, Freya regarded it.

“Have you seen that car before?” Freya asked Sarah once they had both got in. Sarah shook her head.


“There are two men sitting in that car watching the building. We need to keep an eye on them.” Freya warned her. “We may have to leave this place very soon I suspect.”

“Okay.” Sarah replied. Freya started the car and they drove off. Sarah looked at the other car as they passed it. There seemed to be two men in that car, one older and one younger. Both wore glasses. They both glanced at her.

Once they got to an area with stores they parked the car. Sarah went to find some tequila, while Freya went in search of victims.

“Just get the tequila, no freelancing!” Freya advised. Sarah nodded.

A short time later Sarah came back with two large bottles of tequila. She saw that Freya had already brought back two people with her and was waiting. Sarah walked up to them. She wondered if the man and the woman waiting beside Freya had been charmed.

“This is Sarah.” Freya told the other two.

“Hi Sarah.” the man said. He was tall and had dark skin. “I’m Lewis.” Britney set the bottles down and then shook his hand. It was very warm.

“Hi Lewis.” Britney replied.

“Your hands are cold.” Lewis commented.

“It’s poor circulation.” Freya chipped in.

“So apparently we’re having a party! I see you’ve brought the drinks.” Lewis said smiling.

“Yep.” Sarah replied.

“And this is Sharlene.” Freya said. A short woman with long dark hair then shook Sarah’s hand. Her skin was very soft.

“Hi Sharlene.” Sarah said.

“Hi.” Sharlene replied, seeming rather shy.

“Now we all know each other, shall we get in the car?” Freya suggested.

“Sounds like a great idea.” Lewis replied.

They all got into the car and drove back to the apartment. Once they arrived, Freya parked the car behind the one she had noticed before. This time it was now empty. She sat there motionless for a short time and then turned to the others.

“I need to check something out. It might be nothing. Could you all wait in the car until I get back?” Freya asked.

“Sure, but don’t you need me?” Sarah asked. Freya shook her head.

“No, leave it to me.” She got out of the car and walked off in the direction of the apartment.

“What’s all this about?” Lewis asked after a time. Sarah turned around and looked at them both in the back seat. They both looked uncertain. She smiled at them.

“It’s nothing really. It’s just that there are two guys that have been harassing her, and she thinks they might be here.” Sarah explained. Lewis nodded thoughtfully.

“I can help if she needs it. It’s not a good idea for her to face two guys on her own.” Lewis commented. Sarah nodded and smiled at him again.

“It’s just a misunderstanding really. She won’t be in any danger.” Sarah replied. Not long after she said that there was an explosion of glass from above and Freya dropped to the ground. She suddenly got up and ran to the car, she then quickly got in and started the car up.

“We’ve really got to go!” Freya said as she put her foot on the accelerator and quickly drove off.

“What about Britney?” Sarah asked.

“They got her. I’m sorry.” Freya replied.

“Britney’s gone?” Sarah exclaimed. She felt tears beginning to fall down her face. “Not Britney!”

“Can I ask what’s going on? You fell down several floors and don’t have a scratch on you. And what do you mean Britney’s gone? Did they kill your friend? What sort of business are you two into?” Lewis asked in a panic. Sarah turned round gazed at him. “AND WHY IS SHE CRYING BLOOD?” This time he screamed.

“Be quiet.” Freya replied as they sped through the streets.

“Could you slow down please?” Lewis asked.

“Yeah let us out!” Sharlene suddenly screamed. She tried opening the door on her side but it was locked.

“Stop the car and let us out!” Lewis demanded. “I don’t want to know what you two are involved in and I don’t wished to be involved.” To everyone’s surprise Freya brought the car to a screeching halt.

“Please let us out.” Sharlene implored while sobbing and shaking uncontrollably. Freya turned round and grabbed her head. In an instant she snapped her neck and Sharlene fell lifelessly to the seat.

“MY GOD YOU’VE KILLED HER! LET ME OUT NOW!!!” Lewis screamed. Freya grabbed him and did the same. She then turned around and started the car up.

“Where are we going?” Sarah asked her.

“We’re leaving the city. At least we’ve got some food for the journey now.” Freya replied. She put her foot on the accelerator and they sped off down the dark streets again.

Sarah looked regretfully at the two bodies now slumped lifelessly on the back seat.

to be continued…

Joanne Fisher

Previous chapters list: Dumb Vampires

It took a while for me to get around to continuing this story. At this stage it should only be around 15-16 chapters, but that said it may take longer to tell the story than I think it does, so for all I know it may end up being 20 or more chapters… You can never tell sometimes.

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher

Dumb Vampires 10 (fiction)




Dumb Vampires


Robert and Tom froze as Freya entered the room. She looked at the dust on the floor near Robert and then stared at him with the axe in his hands.

“Before we try to destroy each other, I suggest that maybe we should parley first?” Robert suggested as he lowered the axe. Freya stood by the door and regarded him.

“What do you wish to discuss?” she asked.

“First of all I would like to say it’s a great honour meeting you. I have been following your blood thirsty massacres for some time now, and it’s good to finally meet you in person.” Robert replied.

“Thank you. Can I say it’s good to finally meet you also Alejandro Cortez. Your reputation precedes you.”

“Why thank you.” Robert answered.

“Alejandro Cortez?” Tom repeated. Robert turned to him.

“I have many names.” Robert informed him. He then turned to face Freya again. “I have an offer: either I kill you and then Sarah, or you surrender.” Freya laughed.

“You want me to surrender?”

“Yes I would take you back to our headquarters. There you will be observed, and fed regularly.” Robert offered.

“What you really mean is that I will be stuck in one of your underground vaults, fed blood occasionally and incessantly watched by your cohorts. No thanks. From what I’ve heard the blood isn’t even very fresh.” Freya replied.

“You like your blood fresh?” Robert asked.

“The fresher the better. Straight out of a neck preferably.”

“My brief is to stop you killing people. So either you surrender and come back with us, or I will be forced to destroy you.” Robert stated.

“I have a counter offer: you and your boyfriend stop chasing me and Sarah, or I will eat you both.” Freya demanded, showing her fangs to them both.

“For the last time I’m not his boyfriend! I am not gay!” Tom shouted.

“Shut up pretty boy! The adults are talking.” Freya shot back. She faced Robert again. “I think I touched a nerve there.” Robert suddenly laughed.

“I get it now. It’s been puzzling me why you haven’t abandoned Sarah, like you have with all the others before her. In the past when the going got tough you would always abandon the ones you turned, but not her. What’s changed? You’re in love with her, that’s why you can’t let her go. And we’ve probably done you a favour by getting rid of your competition.” Robert suggested. Freya rolled her eyes at his words.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about.” Freya replied shaking her head. “But yes, Britney was annoying, so I should thank you for destroying her.”

“So we’re at an impasse.” Robert stated. “Please consider coming back with us. I don’t much like following the trail of dead bodies you have a habit of leaving.”

“And what about Sarah?” Freya suddenly asked.

“She is of no interest to us. She will have to be destroyed too.” Robert answered bluntly. Freya sighed.

“Then we don’t have a deal.” She declared. “This is bullshit!” Catching them both off guard she suddenly ran out the door and jumped through the corridor window. At the sound of breaking glass Robert and Tom ran after her and stopped at remains of the window.

“That’s a long way down!” Tom remarked.

“She’s a vampire. I’m sure she’ll land on her feet.” Robert replied. He pulled out his phone as he ran to the stairs. “Detective Walker? I’ve found the suspect, but she’s escaped. I’m attempting to follow her. I’ve found more bodies at Emma Hooper’s residence. Detective Hughes knows the address.”

As they got down the stairs and out of the building, a car suddenly raced past them. They got to their car and attempted to follow.

“Where do you think they will head now?” Tom asked.

“Out of the city.” Robert replied as they drove into the darkness.

To be continued…

Joanne Fisher

Honestly I’ve really struggled with the new block editor tonight… It’s making me wonder if it’s really worth bothering with.

Index of previous chapters: Dumb Vampires

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Dumb Vampires 8 (fiction)


Dumb Vampires




“Sarah is nice girl. Well, maybe that’s being too generous. I mean she sometimes tries to be nice, to me that is. The trouble with her is that she is not running on all cylinders, if you know what I mean. Since her hormones kicked in, all she seemed interested in was partying and boys. I’m surprised her parents managed to persuade her to go to college. Maybe they told her there would be more parties and boys there.” Old Mrs Kensey said. Thompson and Mitchell nodded at her words. Detective Walker had told them the next door neighbour knew Sarah quite well, so they had visited her for more information. Old Mrs Kensey had short grey hair and was very slight. She wore a grey dress with a burgundy cardigan over it. “I can’t believe what’s happened. I didn’t know it was in her to do all this.” She glanced out the window at all the body bags being removed from next door and loaded onto a truck.

“We believe it was someone she knew that was responsible for this. If Sarah had any hand in it, then she was coerced in a way that’s hard to explain.” Robert told her softly. The woman shook her head looking devastated. “Did you see or hear anything strange over the last few weeks?”

“No, not really. I try to keep to my own business. Though I did notice a lot of people turning up there, but never coming back out, but when I would wake up the next morning their car would be gone, so I assumed they had left sometime during the night after I had fallen asleep.”

“All their cars have been found sitting abandoned in various parts of the city. We think the killer, or killers, drove the cars away after they had killed the victims. You didn’t see anything else?” Robert asked.

“It was over a week ago, I saw three of them leave the house and get in a car. Since then their house has been totally quiet, until now…”

“Three of them?” Tom asked surprised.

“Yes three of them.” Mrs Kensey confirmed. Robert looked thoughtful.

“You didn’t hear them say anything?” He asked.

“They seemed excited. They were laughing. I think I heard the name Emma being repeated, but I can’t be sure.” She replied.

“Emma? Thank you. You’ve been a great help.” Robert answered.

“Whatever Sarah has done, please be gentle with her. I’ve known her since she was a small child. This will destroy her parents.” Mrs Kensey pleaded.

“I’ll personally make sure she won’t suffer.” Robert replied, giving her a grim smile. “Thank you Mrs Kensey.” Both he and Tom walked back to the house next door.

“There’s three of them?” Tom asked bewildered.

“It appears so.” Robert replied as he readjusted his glasses.

“Has she ever turned two of them at the same time before?”

“Not to my knowledge, but there’s a first time for everything.” Robert replied glibly.

“So you still think it is her?”

“Without a doubt. No one else does carnage on this scale.” Robert walked up the steps to the house. Once inside he walked directly to a detective at a computer. “Are you looking at Sarah Williams’s social networking accounts?”

“Yes Sir.” She replied with an obvious English accent.

“Could you see if there is an Emma who lives locally.” He asked. She began looking through the accounts.

“There are two with the name of Emma living locally. There is an Emma Peake and an Emma Hooper.” She announced after a short time. She then checked her records. “Oh… Emma Peake was among the victims, but no Emma Hooper so far.”

“Okay. Can you find an address for her?” Robert asked.

“Sure no problem Sir.” She tapped away quickly at the keyboard. “She lives in apartment 15G Lowell Towers, 154 Evergreen Terrace.”

“Very good.”

“Shall I send a squad car round?”

“No I will check this out myself. If I need backup I will call for it.” Robert walked off out the door with Tom following.

“Are we seeing if she is still alive?” Tom asked as they both got in the car.

“No if my guesses are right, Emma is long dead now.”

“So what do you expect to find there?”

“Freya and her two friends.” Robert replied as he started the car.


to be continued….


Joanne Fisher



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Dumb Vampires 7 (fiction)



Dumb Vampires




“Her name was originally Freyja Halvorsen. She tends to go by the name Freya now. She was from somewhere in Scandinavia, but I don’t know what year she was born, though I suspect it was some time ago. Her modus operandi is to find a person, usually another woman, who has quite a large social circle and to turn them into a vampire so she can gain access to the woman’s friends to feed on. Once they run out of people to feed on, or they get discovered, Freya abandons them and the woman she has turned is left to face the consequences alone.  Time and again I have come across people she has turned, along with a large number of bodies, but she has always long since disappeared. One day I hope to confront her.” Robert said as he drove the car towards the city. Robert was middle-aged with a trimmed beard that had flecks of grey. His brown short hair was going mostly grey as well. He wore glasses with a thick black rims. Across from him sat a younger man in his thirties, who was clean shaven and had longer brown hair, and who also wore glasses. Both were wearing dark suits.

“So you think this recent find of bodies is linked to her?” Tom, the younger man, asked.

“Yes I do, and we have to be extra cautious. She is dangerous and has killed countless numbers of people.”  There was silence as they traveled on.

“Why do we have to do everything together?” Tom suddenly asked.

“What do you mean?”

“When we check into hotels we stay in the same room, we even eat all our meals together. Everyone who comes across us thinks we’re a gay couple. It’s really spoiling my game.” Tom complained. Robert brought the car to the halt and turned to face him.

“Our job is to hunt and destroy vampires, not chase tail. Vampire hunting is a very dangerous occupation and you need to keep your mind on the job. Failure to do so may cost your life, and mine also.” Robert reprimanded him.

“I understand, but can’t I have some time to myself occasionally?” Tom asked. Robert grunted and started the car up.

Once they were in the city, they drove down the street of a respectable looking neighbourhood, and parked outside a large house with two storeys. Police cars and vans were everywhere. Many police walked back and forth, while a lot of people stood on the sidewalk watching it all. There were also television cameras and photographers everywhere.

“They’re obviously very well off.” Tom commented.

“The couple that owns this house are away on a cruise. The authorities are trying to contact them. Their daughter, Sarah, was staying here alone over the summer. This case is slightly different as Sarah has also disappeared. I have never known Freya to take someone with her. This time it’s different for some reason.” Robert informed him.

“And yet you still think this is Freya’s handiwork?”

“Yes I do. Aside from taking Sarah with her, the rest of it is textbook Freyja Halvorsen.” They got out of the car and walked towards the police cordon. They both showed identification to the officers at the entrance. “I’m Agent Thompson, and this is my associate, Agent Mitchell. We’re tracking a serial killer and we believe this crime scene is their handiwork.” Robert told them.

Once inside they were taken to the lounge and met Detective Harry Walker, who was the chief investigating officer. Bodies were still being brought out from the basement. The lounge was full of dead bodies, most now lying in body bags.

“So I’m told you think this is the doing of a serial killer you’re tracking. Can you tell me more about them?” Detective Walker asked them. He was a man in his fifties with grey tidy hair and wearing a brown suit.

“It’s a woman called Freyja Halvorsen. She ingratiates herself with people who have a large circle of friends and then kills them all.”

“A woman did this?” Detective Walker asked surprised. He bent down and showed them a body. “Tell me this, is she crazy? All the victims have puncture marks on their bodies, multiple ones, and they’ve all been exsanguinated.”

“We believe she thinks she’s a vampire. As far as we can tell she apparently feeds on their blood.” Robert told him. Walker grimaced.

“So she’s insane then, and a serial killer. We’ve counted over thirty bodies. We’re trying to identify them all at the moment. So far they all have a link to Sarah Williams. Is she among the dead here, or has she disappeared as well?” Walker asked.

“I don’t know. She may be with the killer.”

“You mean as a hostage?”

“I don’t know. I need more information about her. Freya has sometimes got them to help her.” Robert answered. Walkers mouth opened in shock.

“You mean Sarah may have helped with this? I don’t believe it!”

“Sadly it’s what we’ve found on other occasions. We think Freya is highly charismatic.”

“She would have to be. But each time is it this number of victims?” Walker asked.

“Yes. Sometimes less, and sometimes even more.” Walker was aghast with this news.

“You mean she’s going from city to city creating this mayhem? She must have killed hundreds by now. How come I haven’t heard of her before?”

“Due to the high number of atrocities she’s committed, we have been very reluctant to share news about her.” Robert informed him. Walker looked troubled by the explanation, as though he didn’t totally believe it.

“Do you have any ideas of how to find her?” Walker asked.

“Yes I do.” Robert replied. “We work out the identities of the dead and then log into Sarah’s social networking sites and work out who else in this area among her contacts is theoretically still alive. That may lead us to Sarah, and possibly Freya.”

“You think she may still be in the city?”

“The fact that Sarah is possibly missing makes me believe they may be still hiding out somewhere else in the city. And detective?” Robert asked.

“Yes Agent Thompson?”

“If they are somewhere else in this city, there may be even more bodies to find.” Robert answered. Detective Walker sat down on the couch looking pale.


to be continued…


Joanne Fisher



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Dumb Vampires 6 (fiction)

Artwork by Diantha Louwes

Dumb Vampires




The days went by and more bodies began to fill the basement. With three of them now, they found it was better to invite two people over every night to feed on. Listening to both Sarah and Britney talk incessantly to each other every night, Freya was surprised that they had both attended a year of college. What sort of college was it? Freya wondered. Did their parent’s money help get them a place? Or was humanity just getting stupider?

One late afternoon there was a knock on the door. Sarah and Britney both went down to investigate. At the door was a policeman. Intrigued, Sarah opened it.

“Yes officer?” she asked.

“I’m looking for a Sarah Williams? Does she live here?” he asked.

“Yes, that’s me.” Sarah confirmed.

“A number of people have disappeared that seem to have a connection to you Miss Williams, such as a Matt Anderson, David Wilson, Zoe Taylor, Britney Evans…

“Hey that’s me!” Britney cut in. “I’m Britney Evans.”

“Oh. You should contact your parents, as they have not seen you or heard from you for some time.” the policeman told her.

“Okay I will. I’ve just been hanging out with my bestie! We’re so close she even turned me!” Britney replied as she put her arm around Sarah.

“Um, that’s nice.” the policeman replied looking uncomfortable. At that point, Freya came down the stairs and slowly walked to the door.

“So what’s happening?” she asked.

“This policeman is looking for some missing people.” Sarah informed her.

“I see. I’ll take care of this.” Freya ordered. The other two stepped back as she went up to the policeman.

“So who are you? Are you on my list as well?” the policeman asked.

“My name is not important. You will walk away from here and forget you ever came to this house. The list of missing people is no longer important to you.” Freya said to him as she stared at him intensely. The policeman suddenly looked at them bewildered and then walked off.

“Why did you let him go? We could have eaten him?” Sarah asked. Freya didn’t answer her, and instead walked quickly up the stairs. Sarah and Britney followed. Freya went into her bedroom and started packing her bag.

“What are you doing?” Sarah asked.

“I’m leaving.” Freya replied.


“Because eventually more police will come. All I did was a delaying tactic. Eventually they’ll come with a warrant and find all the bodies in the basement, and I really want to be far away when that happens.”

“So you’re just leaving us?” Britney asked.

“Yes.” Freya replied curtly.

“Don’t you have some sort of responsibility to us?”


“So what do we do?” Sarah asked her. Freya looked at her and shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t care.”

“But we could go somewhere else! We could stay at a friend’s place. There’s still plenty of people we know that we can feed on.” Sarah told her. Freya stopped and thought about it.

“Okay, maybe we could hang out somewhere else briefly, before I go.” Freya replied.

“Why do you want to go all of a sudden anyway?”

“Because once they find the bodies, that’s when the hunters come.” Freya told her.


“Yes hunters. They are skilled at killing us, and I would rather not encounter them. Anyway, do you have somewhere in mind we could go?”

“We could stay with Fat Emma.” Britney suggested. The mention of that name got both Britney and Sara giggling.

“Yeah, she would love the company!” Sara replied. The two of them continued giggling.

“And who is Fat Emma?” Freya asked them.

“Just some loser girl who always wants to hang out with us.” Sarah informed her.

“Yeah she has like a job and her own apartment!” Britney said.

“And body fat!” Sarah added. The two of them started giggling again.

“Her own apartment? That sounds promising. Okay shall we go and stay at her place?”

“Three people at her door? It will be like her dreams have come true.” Britney said. Her and Sarah started giggling yet again.

“Okay pack your things. Let’s go there before more police turn up.” Freya suggested.

A short time later they were at the door of Emma’s apartment. Sarah knocked and a woman with long dark hair answered. The woman looked surprised.

“Sarah? I haven’t seen you for ages. What are you doing here?”

“We just thought we would come over and say hi. You know Britney of course, and this is Freya.”

“Hi Freya.” To Freya’s eyes, Emma wasn’t overweight at all, it just looked like she ate food more regularly than Sarah and Britney had.

“Hi Emma. Could you invite us in?” Freya asked her.

“Sure, come in.” Emma replied, seeming surprised they wanted to visit her.

“Thanks.” Freya replied. The three of them walked into Emma’s apartment.

“Are you guys hungry?” Emma asked.

“We sure are.” Sarah replied licking her lips.

“Okay, follow me!” Emma said.

“Don’t worry we will.” Freya replied with an evil smile on her face.


to be continued…


Joanne Fisher


I do feel like I’m being horribly cruel writing this sometimes…


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