The Hunted (flash fiction)

The Hunted

“So you’re all hunters then?” The driver asked. The landscape was beginning to rise as they got closer to the castle. Soon its dark crumbling towers would be visible.

“Yep. We love hunting vampires.” One of the passengers replied. The driver brought the vehicle to a stop and turned to face them.

“You realise this is not the first van load of hunters I’ve taken up to the castle? My advice to you is that we turn around and you all go and do something else with your lives that isn’t so dangerous and likely to end in disaster.” The driver suggested.

“Well I don’t know what the other hunters were like, but I can assure you I know what I am doing. This vampire will soon be nothing but dust, mark my words.” One of the hunters replied. There was a chorus of agreement with him from the others.

“”Well okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” The driver answered as he started the van again and drove off. Above, the castle finally came into view. The driver began to smile. More prey for my master, the driver thought.

Joanne Fisher

Last night I dreamed I was writing this story, and to my surprise I remembered it once I woke up. I often dream of writing poems and stories, but I never remember what I was writing once I’m awake. The annoying thing is I was also writing another story in the dream which was meant to be better than this one, but I have no clue what that one was about…

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher


Opposites (micro fiction)


“Opposites attract.”

“How are we opposites? We’re both female.”

“You’re alive and I’m undead.”

“Surely the opposite of alive is dead?”

“Well technically I’m dead.”

“Could a relationship between a human and a vampire even work?”

“I’m don’t know, but I’m willing to find out.”

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 44 + prompt

This was written with the prompt opposite provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #282.

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

The Hunger (Day 4, 13 Days of Samhain)

The Hunger

“I’m hungry.” Sylvia complained.

“Hello Hungry, I’m Katherine.” Katherine replied while not looking up from the book she was reading. Sylvia rolled her eyes.

“I believe they call that a dad joke.”

“Well I’m female and a vampire, so it’s highly unlikely I’m a dad.” Katherine stated. Sylvia’s stomach rumbled. She wrapped her arms around her middle.

“I need some sustenance.” Sylvia declared.

“Then go outside. There are plenty of flesh and blood bags wandering around.”

“But it’s the middle of the day. You well know I can’t go out into the sunlight.” Sylvia replied.

“Sucks to be you then.” Katherine informed her. “I guess you’re going to have to starve for the time being.”

“You don’t have any blood hidden away somewhere do you?” Sylvia asked hopefully. Katherine laughed and looked up from her book.

“No, and if I did I wouldn’t admit to it, especially to you. Besides, I’m surprised you’re so hungry given the recent massacre you started. That would have left me full for sometime. You certainly like keeping the Cleaners busy.”

“But I’m always hungry! I honestly don’t know how you control your hunger so well.” Sylvia stated.

“It’s called discipline. You would do well to follow my example. You get so ravenous sometimes you go on a killing spree. You’ve really got to stop doing that. We vampires survive because most humans refuse to believe we exist. A few more of your rampages and you could place us all in danger.” Katherine told her.

“Not another lecture.” Sylvia complained. This time Katherine rolled her eyes. “I’m just not like you.”

“I can assure you our hunger is the same as we are both vampires, but the difference in my case is that I can control myself.”

“That doesn’t help me right now.”

“Well you’re just going to have to wait. It’s only a few hours until sundown.” Katherine replied. She then resumed reading her book. Sylvia sat there and waited while her stomach kept on rumbling, counting the minutes until she could go outside and feed to her hearts delight.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt flesh and blood provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

The Night Visitor (flash fiction)

The Night Visitor

I woke up in the middle of the night with my neck sore on my right side. Opening my eyes, I saw there was a dark figure standing over me.

“You again? Why are you always feeding on me?” I asked.

“Because I can see the light in you.” The vampire whispered in answer, which was an unexpected response.

“I thought you vampires were creatures of darkness.” I stated.

“Yes we are, but we are still always craving for the light.” The vampire explained leaning over again. I felt her cold breath on my neck as I drifted off.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 99

This was written with the prompt I see the light in you provided by the Carrot Ranch October 17 Story Challenge.

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

Collywobbles (micro fiction)


They were both asleep, the curtains keeping out the sunlight. Below them was the sound of movement. They both woke up alarmed.

“What was that?” Katherine asked.

“I don’t know, but it’s giving me the collywobbles.” Sylvia remarked.

“Collywobbles? You’re a vampire, an apex predator!” They heard the sound of heavy footsteps coming up the stairway. They held onto each other in fright as the door slowly creaked open…

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 68 + prompt

I think Sylvia and Katherine sleep in a bed as I can’t imagine coffins being that comfortable, and they are hedonists.

This was written with the prompt collywobbles provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #281.

Collywobbles can mean 1. stomach pain or queasiness, or 2. intense anxiety or nervousness (which is the definition I’ve used).

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

Feeding Time (micro fiction)

Artwork by M Matiagi

Feeding Time

“Why did you run amok through those people?” Katherine asked.

“I was hungry.” Sylvia explained.

“You need to control your impulses.”

“Excuse me? I’ve been a vampire longer than you.”

“At least I can contain myself.”

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 35 + prompt

This was written with the prompt amok provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #280.

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

A Night at the Opera (flash fiction)

Art by Victoria Francés

A Night at the Opera

“It’s the opera tonight isn’t it?” Sylvia asked.

“Yes indeed my love.” Katherine confirmed.

“Which one?”

“Don Giovanni.” Katherine informed her.

“Ah, Mozart! I knew Mozart you know.” Katherine rolled her eyes at Sylvia’s remark.

“You knew everyone.”

Both of them wore long black dresses to the opera house. Once they were seated in their own box, Katherine brought out a flask and poured some blood into two glasses. They toasted the evening and drank.

“Drat, I hoped this would be warmer.” Sylvia remarked.

“Well during the break we can always get some more.” Katherine suggested.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 95 + prompt

This was written with the prompt opera provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #274.

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

Dazzling (poem)


Her eyes were dazzling
I opened the door wide
letting her into my room

she walked up to me,
began kissing my neck
then I felt her fangs

puncture my throat
she drank my blood
as I stood there helpless

under her command
leaving me weak
I know tomorrow night

she'll visit again

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 53 + prompt

This was written with the prompt dazzling provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #272.

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

The Onlooker (flash fiction)

The Onlooker

Katherine watched on the celebrations at her neighbour’s place. Every year they held their annual jamboree and their partying often went on into the early morning. Katherine preferred to watch it all from the darkness of her residence.

Every jamboree they made their customary ritual to invite her to join them, but she knew in her heart it was not wise for her to revel among them. She watched their festivities for a while longer and then returned to the silence and emptiness of her crypt.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 86

This was written with the prompt jamboree provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #270.

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

The Cellar (flash fiction)

The Cellar

I awoke with a start. I was in a white room lying on a table. A figure was inserting a tube into my arm, and once done, I watched my blood slowly go down this tube and into a glass receptacle below.

“What the hell?” I cried out. The figure turned around and beheld me. They were dressed from head to toe in a hazmat suit. Through the mask I could see their skin was very pale.

“Relax. I’m just extracting your blood. The process won’t take long.” the figure said.

“What are you? Some sort of vampire?” I asked as I struggled to get up, but I appeared to be strapped down to the table.

“Yes.” they replied.

“Don’t you normally bite people’s necks?”

“But if your body is ever recovered, bite marks on the neck would be a giveaway that we possibly exist, and so far through the long ages we have avoided having our existence become known.” they told me.

“Are you taking all my blood?” I asked. My heart was beating quickly with my rising sense of terror.

“Yes soon I’ll have around five litres of your exquisite blood stored away. Then I’ll dispose of your body.”

“If you are a vampire, then you’re all just glorified serial killers in the end, aren’t you?” I said accusingly while starting to feel dizzy. The figure did not respond, instead they checked the blood-flow. “What if I scream?” They shrugged their shoulders.

“You’re in a sound-proofed cellar. No one will hear you, but scream away if you must.”

“Why me?” Again they shrugged their shoulders.

“I guess you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.” They said. “You’ll be losing consciousness shortly.”

“Please let me go.” I pleaded. “I won’t tell anyone about this.” Everything around me was growing hazy. My eyes were losing focus.

“Goodnight.” they said. Slowly everything went dark.

Joanne Fisher

I’m not sure where all these nasty little stories in my head come from….

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher