The Victory (flash fiction)

The Victory

Meredith suddenly realised a year had passed since the zombie apocalypse. It had been close, but they had prevailed in the end and now things had finally settled down.

So many were missing, she thought as she went into the town centre. She had a busy day today of wandering mindlessly through town with all the others. She might be a zombie now, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t put in a full day of shambling. She mused it was such a shame they couldn’t get fresh human meat anymore, they all had to make do with livestock now.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt to write a story that takes place a year later provided by the Carrot Ranch March 18 Flash Fiction Challenge.

PSA: Please don’t mistake my penchant for absurdist humour for social commentary. Please ensure you all get fully vaccinated for coronavirus. It’s the best way we can defeat the current pandemic.

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ÂĐïļ2021 Joanne Fisher

All Dressed Up (Day 7, poem)


All Dressed Up

All dressed up and nowhere to go

in his finest suit under the ground

lifeless from his head down to his toe

maybe it’s time to come back around

all it takes is some reanimation

and from the grave he will again rise

due to some malignant machination

but to bring the dead back isn’t wise

out of his grave he will dig upwards then

in the night’s long dark he will feast

preying on the living only stops when

someone lops off the head of this beast

Joanne Fisher

Not my best effort, but at least I’ve kept the Halloween theme…  ðŸĪŠ

This was written with the prompt Day 7 – All Dressed Up provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.


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ÂĐ2020 Joanne Fisher

Like a Zombie? (Day 6, flash fiction)


Like a Zombie?

“You said it was like a zombie?”

“Yeah it was a humanoid figure with pale greenish skin with it’s arms outstretched saying “Brains brains!” as it approached me.”

“Like a zombie?”

“Yeah, totally like a zombie!”

“Surely what you saw was not something like a zombie, but an actual zombie?”

“But zombies don’t exist do they? But this thing was totally like a zombie…”

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt Day 6 – Like a Zombie provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.


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ÂĐ2020 Joanne Fisher

The Next Morning (flash fiction)


The Next Morning


“Brian Kent?”

“Yes Officer?”

“Last night you were observed going on a killing spree leaving around 80 dead, judging by the number of corpses left. How do you plead?”

“They were zombies!”

“So you admit it?”

“Of course I do! They were zombies trying to eat me.”

“Zombies have a right to live too. This isn’t the 1980s. You just can’t go on a killing spree and expect there’ll be no repercussions. How did you know they were wanting to eat you?”

“I just knew.”

“You mean you assumed. Think about the effects your actions have had. Sandra, cuff him!”


Joanne Fisher


This is just a humourous response to this weeks prompt. I was thinking about the day after the events of some zombie movie…


This was written with the prompt justice for all provided by the Carrot Ranch June 4 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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ÂĐ2020 Joanne Fisher




The Refuge (flash fiction)


The Refuge


He lived on a small island. His boat was his lifeline to the mainland. While he could fish in the waters surrounding the island, if he wanted other supplies he had to row across the water. The problem was the mainland was now infested with hordes of zombies he wished to avoid, which made getting supplies from the supermarkets within striking range a bit more problematic. Only last month he got clawed by one of them. Once he got back to the island he disinfected and treated the wound, and it seemed to heal up okay.

Supplies were beginning to run low again, and he knew he had to head back over the water soon. It was something he never looked forward to. He looked in the mirror and saw his grey face stare back. He could really go for some brains right now. Nice warm fresh brains. Mmm mm.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 150


This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #75.


It’s a little bit late, but I only thought of this story while I was on my way to the supermarket this evening.



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ÂĐ2020 Joanne Fisher



No Way Out (flash fiction)


No Way Out


Somehow Sally had lost all the others and now there were zombies everywhere. They had come out of nowhere. So far she had done well to survive, but she knew she was trapped. She quietly moved to a door she thought would be a way out, but it was locked. She turned around to see innumerable zombies suddenly pile out of another doorway. As they approached she tried to force the door open, but it wouldn’t budge. The last thing she felt was their many clawed hands as they crowded around her and began to rip her to pieces.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt many hands provided by the Carrot Ranch June 13 Flash Fiction Challenge.


This was the first one I wrote for this challenge but I thought it was a bit dark.


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The New Plague

Written with the story prompt plague provided by The Dragonspire. Her blog site is worth checking out by the way.

The New Plague

us like brains us like going out and eat brains us like brains brains are yum us like going out eating brains or bite and scratch make more of us when dark us go out to find brains many of us go out and eat brains others run from us others scream others fight us we eat others brains or make others us brains are yum not many of us now us get few need to make more us and eat brains yum us chase other down road other scream it goes black us wake in white room us not move others in white other hurt arm it goes black us wake in small room us not get out us wants brains brains are yum us not leave room us want out us want brains other look through room us try scratch other it goes black us wakes in big white room us not move other hurt arm it goes black us wakes up in small room again walls are see through us can’t claw way through wall others in white robes look at us through wall us fed meat nice red juicy meat meat ok us wants brains but meat ok us not hungry now everything black again us wake in white room tied to table others in white coats looking down other sticks needle in arm everything goes black again I awake in small room with bed I am in bed wearing white robes two others come and put me on table that moves they take me to the large white room this time I am not tied down one of them puts needle in my arm I ask where am I? they smile and probe me and I am taken back to small room I fall asleep when I awake I get out of the bed there is a mirror on the wall I see my reflection I look pale my hair is long and matted my nails are long and sharp I smell. Where am I? What’s happened to me?

Joanne Fisher

I’m not the greatest fan of zombies. My preferred undead are vampires, if you hadn’t noticed that by now. That said, I do like George Romero films as mindless zombies are a great tool for social satire, as his films can show.

When I saw the prompt I thought rather typically of a plague of zombies, but I thought why not have it from the zombies perspective and their cure being perceived as a plague by them? At least as well as they can perceive it. That was the initial idea. I thought this might be a bit difficult to do, but I love a challenge… I wanted the zombies to have a herd like mentally, with no or little real sense or awareness of individual identity.

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