Can You See This?




My previous post The Last Days of Van Gogh (poem) has less than half the views and likes I was expecting and I’m considering trashing the post, also the last couple of weeks there’s been a falling away of views on all my posts.

I’m wondering why this is happening…




Are you seeing my posts?


Is there something I’m doing you’re not liking?





Just thought I would liven up this post with some pics.


Please donate! πŸ™‚









15 thoughts on “Can You See This?

  1. Hey, Joanne, I like your posts. Though I don’t always read your longer fictions. Something I learned when first blogging… people don’t. More than 500 words, forget it. Hope that’s some help for you, for I’d hate to see you abandon this. πŸ™‚

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      1. As I said, I had this problem. I actually posted in weekly installments and story that came to 750,000 words. That’s the one I’m prepping to publish on Kindle. And I’ve posted another 7 full-length stories as well. But, while they gathered a loyal following, the views were never high.

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      2. Chapter 20 ended up having 29 views and 23 likes which far surpassed my expectations, considering I hadn’t published an episode of that story for over a year, so I was pleased with that, and I suspect subsequent chapters will fall away from those numbers.


  2. One thing I have noticed is that if you are posting longer posts there is sometimes a lag. People have to set aside time for them. On my short fiction posts people sometimes like or comment on them several days or even a week or two later.

    Also on your serials I would recommend posting links to the previous installment at the very least, preferably a link to a page where all of the installments are linked so it’s easy for the reader to navigate.

    Otherwise, there’s no incentive for the reader to catch up because it’s difficult digging through the archive in order. So then it becomes more likely your subscribers will just ignore the next post that rolls around because they are hopelessly behind and aren’t as likely to get invested in the middle, especially if the post itself is also long.

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    1. With the serials I always have a link to the previous post. My blog doesn’t have a title page so I don’ think I can provide a link to all of them. I could try, but I have a feeling it might be beyond my abilities as I have no experience with web design or anything like that.

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      1. Mine doesn’t either really. You should be able to do it by “Add a page” and it will put in the same line as the “Home” “About” “Contact” at the top. Then just drop the links in.

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