Christmas Is Coming

At the moment I seem to be going into end of year lazy mode. I have many projects I want to work on but part of me is going meh… I have an article on J.R.R. Tolkien which is half written and has been for a week or more and then there’s the last few chapters of my book to do as well…

I used to really enjoy Christmas time. I used to share a house with a friend and we would put up a Christmas tree and decorate it and buy presents and put them under the tree etc, but after the owner of the house died we had to move out and go our separate ways. Since then I’ve shared houses with people that don’t really care about Christmas. The circles I move in around here are rather cynical about it all, and to be honest I am as well. I don’t like the rampant materialism this holiday has come to represent, but another part of me really loves Christmas time. I think it’s because I love the ritualised elements of it such as decorations and baking cakes and pies and wrapping up handpicked presents for people. This year as our staircase light has blown and it needs an electrician to replace it one of my flatmates has lined the staircase with some Christmas lights he had, so this is as festive as my life gets these days. Still it looks rather pretty when you’re wandering down the stairs now.


The last few days I’ve been exploring the social network platform MeWe as at the moment a group of us are looking for an alternative site for our Tumblr blogs. I’ve been on Tumblr for about four years and amassed over five thousand followers in that time. It’s a place I would post for a while and then disappear for a few months and then resume posting again. I tend to be a very visual person and so I like photographs, and art, and films. And I also like sharing them. However recently Tumblr has announced they are getting rid of “adult content” on its site. It’s not that I post pornography there, but I found it rather disheartening to come back to my blog and find pictures of two women kissing or hugging I posted being flagged as indecent. Banning “adult material” tends to hurt the LGBTQ community more as we lose a space where we can show who we are without fear of being expelled. These decisions also often seem to impact on our community with greater unfairness than that it does on the heterosexual community. I was dismayed by the amount of pics of mine that Tumblr decided to flag that just showed fairly innocent couplings between women. It concerns me that in the future pictures of two women kissing that are uploaded there will probably receive greater scrutiny by the Tumblr administrators than a similar picture of a straight couple. That’s just way it goes once they start enforcing rules like this.

And so the community that used to hang out there will now have to find another place to go. For some reason I’m reminded of Farewell To Shady Glade by Bill Peet, a children’s book I grew up with which has a group of animals searching for a new place to live after their idyllic home is destroyed by developers (I’m sure it was that book and The Lorax which turned me into an environmentalist). There is talk of another site being created that we could transfer our blogs too, but so far it’s just been talk and nothing yet has come of it. And so a couple of us are trying out MeWe. I’ve noticed there are a lot of ex-Tumblr groups there now. It’s an interesting platform, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s more like Twitter or Facebook, rather than Tumblr, and so far it doesn’t seem to have that many people on it. It claims it doesn’t data mine any of your content and there is no public setting for people to see your posts as only your contacts or groups you’re in can see what you post, but I’m still undecided about it and the app for it doesn’t work that well on my phone…


Anyway that’s where I’m at for the moment. I hope to finish my Tolkien article within the next couple of days and I also have a story for Christmas forming in my head. I think it might be about Olivia the Vampire (the same vampire I wrote the Halloween story The Trick about) experiencing her first Christmas with the annoying family that bothered her during Halloween, or something like that. I’ll try to make it nice.

I’m rather broke at the moment so if you ever feel like donating some money please click on the link below and I’ll love you forever, or at least for the moment.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming

  1. Christmas gives a lot of people a feeling of nostalgia or comfort – it’s what I see in between a lot of your lines, though of course I could be wrong. I love the idea of seeing friends and family I haven’t in a long time!

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  2. Sad to hear about Tumblr. I used to be a really active member of its fanfiction communities and it was my go to place for fanart. I bet half of my old blog will be taken down 😦

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