Another Year Another Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday (July 16) and that day ended just over an hour ago here. I was meant to catch up with a friend for dinner, but that will now happen tonight instead when we go out for a curry.

In the late afternoon I went to a mall and spent my last 24 dollars on the stuff in the photo above. I thought I did pretty well as I manged to get a bottle of sauvignon blanc, a dark chocolate orange, a small box of Quality Street chocolates, and a chocolate mud cake. It did help brighten my day as I was feeling a bit unloved. In the evening I watched movies and ate far too much. Though it was a quiet day in the end, I did come to enjoy it.

And at least I have a dinner with a friend to still look forward to…

I hope everyone had a great day 🙂

Just a meme I found recently….

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22 thoughts on “Another Year Another Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday, sorry it’s late. Even if the day wasn’t all it could have been, I’m hoping the coming year makes up for that. And I love that meme. 🙂​🙂​🙂​

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