The Sky-Pirates of Durn – The Story So Far



As My Life In Darkness is ending with the next episode I thought I would resume The Sky-Pirates of Durn story line with the idea of bringing that story to a close before the end of the year. So far there’s been 19 parts of it and I think it will need around 8-9 more episodes.

So if you’re struggling to remember what’s going on in it or you are new to the story here’s a helpful synopsis:


The Sky-Pirates of Durn – The Story So Far…


Caelynn Liadon is sent from the Elvish kingdom of Larantel to Salané, the Imperial capital of the Empire of Tigreralat to be Larantel’s new ambassador. She was forced to go there to help restore the fortunes of her own house after her father got involved in a scandal at the royal court. When she turns up at the capital it turns out she’s arrived several months late and she blames this on Meela Starblazer and cutthroat crew of sky-pirates who captured her, though she managed to escape. In reality, while she was captured by them, she ends up helping Meela gain access to the island of Durn, an island that was removed from the world and placed in it’s own pocket dimension by the dark wizard Asden a millennia ago. Meela intends to use this island as a base. While Caelynn is there she falls in love with Meela, and decides to help her. She agrees to fill her post as ambassador to help find proof that the Queen of Larantel and the Emperor are colluding  to help the Empire take over the southern kingdom of Yastell, a desert land rich with gems and minerals. She discovers there is secret study the Emperor uses and one night she makes herself invisible and manages to gain entry to it. There she finds the proof she needs, as well as a powerful black wand which she ends up taking as well.

Meanwhile Meela and her crew are in the city of Loro-Don, a city that floats in the air with the help of magic. Meela helps coordinate the city’s defences and pledges to help the Kingdom of Yastell with troops to help repel the Empire’s attack. She travels to Yastell and is visiting some border fortifications when there is surprise attack from the Empire’s troops that were based in the neighbouring kingdom of Grazlukk. Meela helps defeat this attack using her magic, though she is seriously wounded in the battle. She ends up traveling to the town of Ankallat to see a renowned healer. Once she heals, another visitor there turns out to be the dragon El-Karoth, who flys her back to Loro-Don telling her she is needed in the north.  Though she is still weak, she manages to teleport to Salané to see how Caelynn is doing…


I think that’s the bare bones of it. Unlike My Life In Darkness, I don’t think I will be posting it on a particular day every week, but instead I’ll post when each episode is ready. Though this might change.


In other news I’m thinking of online publishing a chapbook of my poetry just before Christmas, so long as I work out how to do it and find someone to do a cover for me. I’ll keep you all informed of the progress, and so far I already have the manuscript in preparation…



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