Remembrance (micro fiction)



Jenny accidentally knocked the cup off the bench. She helplessly watched as it fell in slow-motion to the floor and broke into two pieces. She picked up the fragments crying. This had been the cup that Kirsten always used.

Jenny remembered the day Kirsten broke up with her and moved out, leaving the cup behind as a painful reminder. She never thought she would get over this loss or be able to love anyone ever again, but now looking back some months later she realised she had already come a long way. She would survive this and love again.

Joanne Fisher

This was written using the prompt provided by Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch of a story about a character looking back, in 99 words.


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11 thoughts on “Remembrance (micro fiction)

  1. I like how you capture in a slow frame that moment of breaking something important and then use it to convey the emotions. I feel you caught the moment she decided she could survive her lost love. Good flash, Joanne!

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