Surprise! (flash fiction)





“Do you really think a bucket of water is going to harm me?” the vampire asked as they approached me smirking and sizing me up as their next meal.

I smiled and casually emptied the bucket of water all over them. As they slowly began to burn I watched the look of surprise on their face as they realised they had made a major mistake.

“A bucket of water? No. A bucket of holy water on the other hand? Yes!” I replied as they quickly ran away leaving a trail of smoke and ash. They wouldn’t trouble me again.


Joanne Fisher


Written with the prompt bucket of water provided by Carrot Ranch’s March 21 Flash Fiction Challenge.


Please consider donating to: Christchurch Shooting Victims’ Fund

18 thoughts on “Surprise! (flash fiction)

      1. I didn’t realize that’s what it was until you explained, then I reread and it makes perfect sense. At first I thought I’d missed a detail.

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      1. I am a teacher and a reader so I know this is ok grammar but it is newish and I am older so it does jar at first and I am glad to encounter it and will be glad to until it no longer seems like bad grammar because it’s good form.

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