The Hunt Begins (flash fiction)

The Hunt Begins

Aalen followed the tracks of the human soldiers through the forest. Along the way she began calling out:

“Vilja! Vilja! Where are you?” But there was no response, the only sound was the breeze sighing through the branches and usual forest life. Aalen wondered where Vilja had got to. He had accompanied her to the border, but then a short time later he ran off back into the forest. She hoped no harm had come to him. Aalen continued following the tracks. A sizeable army had come this way.

“Vilja!” she called out again. Where had her wolf got to?

Joanne Fisher

This is another gap filler in Aalen’s saga. It lies between Burying the Dead and The Shoreline. There will be one more after this.

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher


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