Absolutely! (flash fiction)

And Finrod fell before the Throne by KuraiGeijutsu


I sat back in my throne as my advisor walked in.

“There’s been an outcry over your new measures. People are objecting.”

“Then kill the ones that object.” I replied. They went pale.

“What if I refuse to carry out that order?”

“Then you will be executed too.”

If they hadn’t wanted a bloodbath, then they shouldn’t have let me become World Leader with unlimited power.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 65 + prompt

This was written with the prompt outcry provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #261.

As the saying goes: Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Imagine if you suddenly had absolute power: How long would it be until you became a tyrant? The Lord of the Rings, for example (not related to the above fiction), acknowledges this issue. Both Gandalf and Galadriel are offered the Ring of Power at different times, but they both end up refusing it as they know where it will lead. Yes at the beginning their intentions would be good, but gradually they would end up becoming Dark Lords themselves. Something to think about…

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5 thoughts on “Absolutely! (flash fiction)

  1. I think there are a lot of people all over the world who would do anything – whatever it takes – for absolute power. Personally, I would like absolute power over being able to make calorie-free pizzas so I could eat them every day.

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  2. Indeed. When folks complain about our politicians (in America), I often say that they did not put themselves in that position of power. We put them there. That is usually followed by silence.

    Well contrived. 🙂

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  3. I was listening to a discussion the other day where someone suggeat we should do away with out democracies and install political leaders for life. The idea being they would do anything to appease the people to avoid revolt. Problem is there is no such thing as a benevolent dictator. As the saying goes, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Scary to think this is how our youth today think. China and to a lesser extend Russia has already won the war.

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